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Frantic Bio

Band members
Yotam ``Defiler`` Avni - vocals Itamar Vardi - guitar Ehud Tamir - guitar Nitai Gur - bass Tom Livneh - drums


Haifa Thrash act FRANTIC issued the 2002 demo 'Grapes Of Wrath'. Singer Yotam 'Defiler' Avni also fronts technical Death Metal combo ABED, melodic Death act MATRICIDE and would session onstage for ORPHANED LAND in 2004.

Frantic is a late-influenced thrash getting their musical rush back to the basic. After expanding their musical taste to the extreme metal (mostly death metal and melodic black or power) Frantic ersizing their music at the form of old-school thrash metal in the veins of Metallica, Heathen, Exodus, Destruction and Overkill.

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