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Detriment Bio

Band members
Alon Neubach - Bass Gil Pollack - Guitar and Vocals Nir Radian - Guitar and Backing Vocals Yair Zaltzman - Drums


Once upon a midnight dreary, guitarist Gil left the band
Hymns of Hades and met up with guitarist Nir,
and thus Detriment was born.
What started out as an innocent night at the beach,
turned out to be the beginning....
the beginning of the current leading thrash band in
Jerusalem, and maybe more....
Immediately after the birth of a concept, there came the
birth of Detriment's two first songs... Primal, being called
this way being the first song, was an instrumental piece,
and the second, Dissubmission, Metal to the Max.
But alas, a metal band cannot exist with only two
ambitious guitar players, It needs more... Gil and Nir
started looking for a bass player and a drummer. Gil had
Alon, his good friend in mind, as a bass-player, and
although he had reservations about him, since he was
already a member of the band Abstract Faith, Gil brought
Alon along when the band continued to create.
They had a hard time finding a worthy drummer, so for
the mean time, they used a computer with Scream
Tracker as a replacement.
After more creation and metal, they contacted drummer
Yair through a list of drummers they got.
And the four of them started playing together. Back then,
Gil was the vocalist, and two months of playing together,
they had their first amazing gig at the Pargod with a
band called ShworchtseChaye.
Detriment played five songs at the event: Dissubmission,
Crafter, My life to save and Bright light shadows,
including one cover song : Slayer, Seasons in the
Gil was suitable, yet for some what uncertain reasons,
the band decided to take on Yohai, the current vocalist.
And thus the current formation of Detriment appeared
live in the Capricorn and gave a hell of a show, and we
mean HELL.

The band had to let Yohai go, since he joined the army,
which is mandatory in Israel, as you probably know.
So we're down to four again, with Gil as the lead
screamer (vocalist).

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