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Decayed Soul Bio

Decayed Soul
Band members
Eitan - vocals Ariel - guitar Yishai - guitar Igal - bass Ilan - drums


The band from israel is finally able to define their music as
Progressive Brutal Power Death.

Starting in early 1999 as a power metal band influenced by pantera
Back then they called themselves MISERY LIVING.
Guitarists ariel and ishay and vocalist eitan went to record a 2 track
Cd (which does not reflects what they are today).

Finally, after getting into the brutal scene the band found a suitable
Drummer called ilan and a bassist called igal,
Both came from the fusion metal scene.

With combination of BARNES/FISHER vocals,
The guitars combine Azagthoth, Malmsteen, Holosworth,
Dimbag and dark heavy riffs.
Mad bass line style steve dimario.
And power drumming with fast double bass.

These days they are working on a new cd.
And recently released a single called "The Thing You Will Never See".
Which is quite simple relatively to other songs,
But still has it's extreme power.

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