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Dalmerot's Kingdom Bio

Dalmerot's Kingdom
Band members
H. Belagror The V. - drums & vocals Baal Refahim - vocals Solas - lead & rhythm guitar Psyre - bass Dalros - lead & rhythm guitar


The band was created by BELAGROR in the year of '92 as a solo project under the name of "ADVERSARY". In the year of '93 BELAGROR found some members which in his point of view were worthy to play unholy pure Black Metal, After one year of rehearsals "ADVERSARY" had got in a studio to release their material from the years '93-'94 on a debut promo under the name of: "Eternal Winter Night". The band had some violent gigs in the years of '94 &'95 and in the year of '95 the band got an interest by some labels which were in contact with them in that present time, after the label's interest the problems began in the line up of the band... BELAGROR thoughts that the other members were not true in their way of living like he was and didn't took the Black Metal seriously. After some arguments he decided to throw the other member out of the band and wanted to return to his band's roots as a solo project because been the most true & serious individual in the scene... After along awaiting BELAGROR found himself helping Black Metal bands with their work, but never forgot his solo project and left it a side. For a while In the year of '96 BELAGROR met BAAL REFAHIM and gave him a copy of the promo '93-'94 and together they had decide to reform "ADVERSARY" again as a full member band but under a different name: "DALMEROT'S KINGDOM" was the new resurrection. The dark and hard working years had come as they had started to look for members, but in that time the Black Metal scene had became very popular so finding a members in the present time was not hard, but finding true members was very hard. Luckily they had found members in a short time that gave the impression of a loyal & faithful members, together they started to have rehearsals 3-4 times week. After a year of rehearsals they had got to a studio at '97 to record their material in a high quality sound. The band finished recording in 2 weeks after 3 different mixes. The results of the recording were quite promising. Later on they had got the material out on a un-released CD and gave a copy of it to KOBI of "M.D.M.A RECORDS". By doing so, they had received a deal for an official CD.

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