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Bartholomeus Night
Band members
Refahim - vocals T.K.O.R. - guitar Dark Wrath - guitar Ratimus - bass Belagror - drums


In the twisted mind of T.K.O.R there was always an ambition to create something that will fit his personal desires, both musically and lyrically.
After few years developing his musical skill in several local bands(the atmospheric black metal opus FILIGRAN and the doom metal act HYMNS OF HADES)he decided in 1998 that he is ready to do the natural next step, which was to create the music he wanted to play, to write about what he both felt&believed. At first he started the opus as a one man project but in April 1999 he met Refahim (back then in the black metal band DALMEROTS KINGDOM) and got to know him, after few hours of blood and beer he asked Refahim to join him as a session vocalist, and so the tale of BARTHOLOMEUS - NIGHT began...
After few weeks of rehearsing in T.K.O.R`s house Refahim decided to leave his former band and to join the band as a full time member, as he found the ideas of T.K.O.R similar to his.
In addition both members used the help of Roee (former member of FILIGRAN as well) on keyboards.
In August 2000 the time has come to unleash their hatred to the unexacting world.
The band entered Midikol studios in the heart of the holiest city of the world Jerusalem and in two days recorded their first song ever titled The end of time and began to spread it around.
The feedbacks they got from people around were quite positive, after two months in October 2000 they entered again to Midikol now to record two more songs to complete to a full demo. The two songs titled nocturnal chant and true nature were recorded in two days of non stop work and as an addition roee recorded an intro called Universe Bizarre, two weeks after the recording the first official release of BN saw the darkness of night.
The demo cd titled End of Time.
The demo demonstrate the pure essence of BN-Hellish black metal filled with aspects taken from a varied musical fields- from classical touches in Nocturnal Chant to pure death metal riffs in True Nature. The demo got very good reactions from all around the world, but due to regular life problems (T.K.O.R`s time in the military for example) the flames of BN were burning low till the end of 2001 when both members sat and decide to do the next step which was to complete the line up with a full and creative mind. Few weeks after they got to know Ilan (back then the drummer of the brutal death metal band Decayed soul) and felt he was the right man to take the sit behind the drums. He agreed to be a session member but after a two rehearsals he as well couldn't resist the power behind the band and joined as a full time member.
In the beginning of 2002 Refahim met D.Wrath (who ironically was his replacement in DK) and old friend of him in a local metal concert. He asked him if he wanted to join the horde, Dark Wrath agreed to do so and it took only one rehearsal to see he was the right man for that job. The band practiced for few months and then got to record new material, one of the songs Survival of the Fittest was appeared in the Israeli compilation "Holy Shit".
Right after the recording it was time to do the first appearance on stage, in the 26.6.20002 they played in Haifa along with: Emblaze (now known as Nail Within) and Lehavoth and after they that gig they did few others around Israel, the most important gig was in the 27.01.03 which was the release gig of the official E.P Survival, the gig was huge success (over 600 people came to that gig), and now the E.P is completely sold out.
After that gig the band began writing new material and in the 26.6.03 they flow to Poland to record their first album in Selani Studios (Vader, Behemoth, and many more) .the recording went well and it was a great experience to the band and the result was in the debut album "Theosophia Pneumatica.
In early January the band had split ways with the drummer Ilan, and in the same time the line up finally filled up with the addition of Ratimus on the bass guitar and Belagror on the Drums (which worked before with Refahim and D.warth in Dalmerot's Kingdom)
After an intense 6 months of non stop playing the full line up is ready to unleash its rage upon the not expecting world, the first step was the release of the band's debut album which was supported with a massive release gig in the 28/6/04.

And that is the dark tale of Bartholomeus Night to date.
What will be next...?
Wait and see!

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