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Double Dealer
Band members
Vocals : Takenori Shimoyama Guitars : Norifumi Shima Bass : Kohsaku Mitani Drums : Yoshio Isoda Keyboards : Toshiyuki Koike


Double Dealer was initially trained as a regrouping of several known musicians of Japanese groups. The two last years on the other hand made to this formation a group with surprisingly large success. The whole proceeded this way: In one evening especially inspiring in 1998, the elite of Melody Metal Asian formed by Saber Tiger and Concerto Moon gave a concert in Tokyo. At the end of this one, not only the fans present in the concert hall "Meguro Rock May Kann" were extasiés, but it was also the beginning of a major friendship between the musicians of the two groups. One year later, the singer Takao Ozaki surprised everyone by leaving Moon Concerto. Their guitarist, Norifumi Shima, of which the idols were Ritchie Blackmore, Uli Roth and Yngwie Malmsteen decided little after recording an album solo. Shima were born in 1970 and started to play of the piano at the four years age. It started to play of the guitar at 13 years and refined its technique, which was initially influenced by the melody one and the traditional one. Since 1985, it played in several groups. In 1994, he became the guitarist of Clear Hook, with which it remained during three years before forming the group Concerto Moon with the assistance of Zenith Singer and Takao Ozaki. During its research for a singer for his solo project, Norifumi was able to convince the singer of Saber Tiger, Takenori Shimoyama, whose voice had always fascinated it, to join it. Shimoyama, whose idols are Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillian and David Coverdale, were born in 1965 in Sapporo in Hokkaido. It learned how to play of the guitar, but he changed for the vocal ones at the 19 years age. Its first group was called Androgenus and, later, it formed its clean combo, Mold Dust. It started to work with the musicians of Saber Tiger in 1996 and joint officially the group one year afterwards. It was with Saber Tiger that Shimoyama left the album, "Brain Drain". Shimoyama and Norifumi had beforehand planned to work sets for only two songs, but it quickly discovered a heap of similarities in their dreams, whether it is what they like or hate. The project of album solo of Shima turned quickly in a species of project Shima & Shimoyama which was famous Double Dealer. Another musician of Saber Tiger, the beater Yoshio Isoda, joined Double Dealer accompanied by the bass player Kohsaku Mitani, the clavierist Toshiyuki Koike and two other colleagues of Moon Concerto. Mitani played in Concerto Moon since 1996 and Koike joined it later two years. Between February 25 and April 5, 2000, Double Dealer worked in the "Studio Bazooka 450" with engineer Yasuhide Okuyama to record their album beginning in the name of the group, which was personally produced by Norifumi Shima itself. As invited guitarist, they invited their compatriot Akira Kajiyama, known for its work on Holy Man, the album solo of the former singer of Deep Purple/Rainbow/Malmsteen, Joe Lynn Turner, to play on the instrumental track no-claims bonus, "Drake Fire". They accepted the assistance of Manabu Takaya and Tatsuya Nakamura, two members of the Blindman group, for the ch?urs. The album was launched to Japan in Summer 2000 and accepted many positive reviews on behalf of the press. The most important magazine of the country, BURRN gave 93 points out of 100 paved the way for the concerts which Double Dealer subsequently gave in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. The reputation of the group was spread in Europe and, finally, in November 2000, the group was able to leave a large impression in France. Double Dealer accepted extremely positive reviews in Europe during the last year and gave many outlines on their second album called "Deride At The Top". Continuing in the same style as their initial album, the new sound of Double Dealer shows a mixture between powerful the riffs of guitar of the leader Norifumi Shima, the nimble rates/rhythms, the organ and the broad outline of the songs composed by Takenori Shimoyama. "Deride At The Top" consists of 12 songs, including the brilliant part "Time To Die", the new version of traditional of Moon Concerto. All the songs of the highest composition respecting the technical standards as well as a video clip of the song "Draw The Curtain" in compatible format MPEG for PC and Mac.

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