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Doom Bio

Band members
Takashi "Taka" Fujita - Guitar & Vocals Shigeru "Pazz" Kobayasho - Drums Masami Chiba - Bass


DOOM is/was one of the most talented and experimental "metal" bands in the world!
They are definately the most incredibly overlooked band of all time!
I could try to describe their sound in detail but it's best left to the listener
to make heads or tails of it. "New Wave Art Metal" is a good translation
of their unique style. They are based in Japan and sing in (broken) English.

DOOM is:

Takashi (Taka) Fujita - Guitar & Vocals.
Koh Morota "Pirarucu" (1963-1999) - Fretless Bass, Chorus. Apparently left band late 94/early 95 some time after recording
Neu Konservatiw/Dance 2 Noise Vol 6/Extreme Hot Candy?? tracks.
(Zadkiel -> Doom -> Schaft -> Solo -> Egora Dorami -> #9)
Jyo-ichi (Joe) Hirokawa - Drums, Chorus
Replaced after the album "Incompetent".
Pazz (Shigeru Kobayasho) - Drums on "Human Noise", "Illegal Soul".
He is formerly of the Japanese band GASTUNK.
Masami Chiba - Bass on "Freakout" 7", split 7" "Sure" w/ Hedgehog
He is formerly of the Japanese band SHELLSHOCK.

Lineup on Where Your Life Lies!? - Taka "CBGB" Fujita (Guitar, Bass & Voice)
Tatsuya Yumi (Manipulat And Treatment)
Tatsuya Yumi is a vocalist of Def Master, and also doing programming.
Def Master (Definition Master) is a Japanese industrial music band.
Guiwie (Screaming Bass)
*There is a special thanks to Koh saying "I don't forget your bass sound and soul".

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