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Defiled Bio

Band members
Naoki Akamatsu - Drums Hideki Fujimoto - Vocals Norihisa Fukuda - Bass Yusuke Sumita - Guitar


Defiled was formed in April 1992 at Tokyo with Yusuke Sumita (Guitar) and Kouji Uchida (Drum) as its core as a Brutal Death Metal band. Members other than the two of us were not fixed when the band was formed ,but after our bassist Norihisa Fukuda joined in April of 93 and the Guitar Vocal, Kiminari Naraoka in July, we became active. Three weeks after Kiminari Naraoka joined in, we recorded our first promo tape (1song).We received good reactions and we planned to record another tape and begin to perform shows. In November 93, Kouji Uchida had to leave the band for his domestic reason. We had sessions with several drummers and increased our songs.

In Spring of 94,Kiminari Naraoka left the band as he was moving to Canada for a long term. For this replacement, Masafumi Kitamura joined in. Knowing the fact that activities will be limited for his domestic circumstances, persuasion to re-join the band to Kouji Uchida was in success. With these four members, We started recording our five songs mini album Defeat Of Sanity in summer of 94. Yusuke Sumita, the guitar, got in a traffic accident and broke his left hand while the recording was in process. The recording had to bepostponed for six month. This unexpected postponement lead to the cancellation for the record deal with a label from Europe. In the end the album was self released. At the time the CD came out, Kouji Uchida had to leave again for the same reason he had to leave for the first time. A session drummer succeeded and though rather late, Defiled's first live was performed in July 95. In September of 95, Naoki Akamatsu joined in as a formal drummer. In October, Kiminari Naraoka re-joined forces as the guitar and the second vocal after coming back from Canada. We begun touring Japan from November 95. In February 96, Masafumi Kitamura (Voice),Kiminari Naraoka(Guitar, Scream), Yusuke Sumita (Guitar), Norihisa Fukuda(Bass), Naoki Akamatsu (Drum) recorded our second demo tape which had been delayed long.

In June of 96, adding four new songs on "Defeat of Sanity" we started recording our full album with the present members. (Erupted Wrath) In between the recording, we played together with Cannibal Corpse in Osaka, Japan After that, Kiminari Naraoka withdrew from the band for musical difference and we became a single guitar band again. Mixing was done in August 96. We had offers from some labels but almost of them requested to record it again because they were not satisfied with the sound quality. In 96, we managed to play 70 times in the interior in one year. We had plans to rerecord in the beginning of 97 but in March 97, the vocal Masafumi Kitamura left the band abruptly. In April 97, the vocal Hideki Fujimoto (ex- Barriada, ex-Vanguard) at that time was requested to join in the band and he consented. An American label got good impressions for his joining and with the label's recommendation, we recorded at Brian Griffin(Broken Hope)'s studio in the suburb of Chicago. After the recording, unprecedented case with a Japanese band, we played in Powerart hall in Seoul Korea in the end of July 97. After that, Naoki Akamatsu (drum) had perplexity in his mind for musical reasons and he announced his secession. (At the time he announced his withdrawal, already scheduled live until December of 97 was played by him). In October of 97, mixing was done in Morrisound Tampa Florida by Jim Morris. Shows in the States at that time was played by another drummer. After all, worried about the unstable drummer, the release from that label went somewhere. In January of 98, we played with Testament on their Japan tour. In April of 98, we went to American tour for three weeks with Incantation Frustrated by the ever delaying release, we extracted three songs from Erupted Wrath and sold it as Promo Tape'98 Erupted Wrath during the tour for limited to 200 of them A technical progressive Death Metal band based in Tokyo,Vortex, at that time was stagnant so we claim the drummer, Kiyomoto Takanashi to join in the band and he agreed. He went to the American tour with us. After Kiyomoto Takanashi left the band to concentrate on his own band Vortex..

Naoki Akamatsu who had been withdrawn from the band re-joined the band after an agreement on musical aspects in June 98. After he came back, we went along with Morbid Angel's Japan tour. In July, we played in Milwaukee Metal Fest and we got very good reactions. Then, we joined in a compilation CD from New York's Alabaster Records. In August, we played with Vader(Poland) on their Japan tour, with Seed(South Korea) on their Japan tour in September, and Impaled Nazarene(Finland) on their Japan tour in March of 99. As you can see we gained more chances to play with overseas bands on their Japan tour. Caught by the eyes of Nightfall/Terrorizer records, in American tour with Incantation the album which had been delayed for more than three years by member changes and other reasons, finally made its way to be out in the Unites States under condition that Defiled's own label, Bizzare records possesses its license. As to win back this three year delay, Defiled as of this moment is aiming to record ï½"he third album in August of 99. It has already been decided that we perform in Milwaukee Metal Fest this year as well. The members as of now consists of four which are Hideki Fujimoto (Vocal) Yusuke Sumita(Guitar), Norihisa Fukuda (Bass) and Naoki Akamatsu (Drum).

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