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Death is the Outcome, the long awaited full S length debut from New York City's Vietnom, is finally upon us. If the band's first EP, Strictly the Real (Uprising) was the sound of the band knocking on your door, then this album is the DMS Squad kicking it in.

Envision Vietnam, the country: war torn, savage and bloody through the lens of the West. A picture of political instability, restlessness and battle, embroiled in decades long dispute and violence. A kill or be killed environment where only the strong survive.

Now step into the world of Vietnom, the band: a DMS hardcore outfit that has crawled up from the mean streets of NYC, maturing side by side alongside the likes of seminal DMS crew giants like Agnostic Front, Madball, Skarhead and Son of Skam. To put it simply, these DMS fellas are comin' with the no holds barred hip hop hardcore flavor.

Vietnom isn't so much named for the Asian country so steeped in the American consciousness (hence the variation in spelling) as it is for one of the band's two vocalists, NOM, a self described graff bomber, professional thief and "porn star"also known as the "Animal Thug" of the DMS squad. When the band formed around him in 1999, it was only fitting that they combine his alias with the war imagery of the country as their moniker.

NOM shares vocal duties with SCORSESE, feared and respected for his alleged mob ties and connections, extortion and racketeering. As NOM himself has said, when a "situation" arises, SCORSESE is "known for taking out the trash."

AK Ray 47 late of the South Florida hardcore band (and fellow Uprising recording artists) Tension is the "silent one of the bunch," according to NOM. Quick to beat you down with a guitar riff, he holds Vietnom's hip hop inspired hardcore groove together with his old school rhythm and riffing. AI plays bass, while Ralph, aka grease monkey, drums out drum beats for the DMS fellas to scream, rap and assault you over.

Strictly the Real was the six song introduction to Vietnom's fresh and modern twist on the by now well known DMS crew flavor, spiced with a hip hop intro/outro from New York DJ L Dee. Death is the Outcome nearly two years in the making takes the whole affair one step further, mixing an old school anger and simplicity with a heavy dose of roughneck pummeling and sonic abuse. The record features guest appearances from longtime Vietnom supporters Freddy Madball and

Skarhead's Ezec.

Vietnom has arrived, sucka, so take cover. You have been warned

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