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Azazel Bio

Band members
Asaf Enav - guitar, vocals Liran Yom-Tov - guitar Eyal Enav - bass Matan Shmuely - drums


The band was formed in April 1995,Just when the black metal boom started and, obviously the music Azazel played then was highly inspired by the dominant b.m. scene in Norway (i.e-fast grinding drums, buzzing guitars in 'surfing-like' riffs etc.).
The band did some rehearsals and started playing gigs (not before some line-up changes took place, with the band changing a drummer and recruiting a keyboardist), which were very chaotic and aggressive, plus highly acclaimed. Azazel then released the first demo called 'Altar Of Sand' As time passed-by azazel's music got more melodic, and started to incorporate some heavy metal ,as well as classical music elements.
More gigs ,some T.V. specials about the band, re-release of the first demo with some new songs, that's pretty much what was going on in the Azazel camp for a while. But then Azazel decides to record an album. (That's gonna reach azazel's musical peak and fucking kick everybody's ass!!!)
The recording line-up was:
Assaf Enav -guitar and vocals
Roy Amar -bass
Barak Zait -drums
Gal Schuster-keyboard.
The time was early 1996.

Anyway, it came out great (at least some people thought so), so a lot of copies were sent to record labels. Some responds were very good but yet, the deals offered to the band at the time did not suit the band's (ridiculously too high for their own good) demands.
Some new line-up changes took place: the bass player left and several others filled the spot, finally to be replaced by Evil Haim, also relatively new to the band is Alex Schuster on lead guitar.
Sound-wise Azazel drifted apart from straight forward black metal and headed more into melodic N.W.O.S.D.M (i.e.-dark tranquility, in flarnes, sacrilege...) inspired form of b.m.
Nowadays the band's working on some killer new material, and as for releasing the aforementioned debut album, which is called 'Ride through the horizon', the plans are for an early 2000 release (self -release that is).

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