heavy metal

Asgaut Bio

Band members
Oran - Lead guitar Sarel - Bass Kobi - Rhythm guitar Eliran - Vocals Omri - Drums


an intersting combination of extreme metal with mellow parts and orchastral tuches that creates somthing between meny music styles such as death ,black , doom , prog and even some symphonic metal we have no definition but melodic death/black suits us the most.

started meny years back since oran and kobi started creating more then few metal bands. they're fist recording and they're most sirious metal band was speed/trash/brutal metal that was mainly influenced by bands like sadus , testament and ect. as the years went on we've started getting into the more melodic and progressive music and that was pretty much the begining of this project . after some time weve discoverd an extrely telented singer that suits the band perfectly he was eager to help us create this project . but it really got sirious when we met our producer who actually heard us playing our acustic in the middle of the night on our nighborhood he was simply watched us playing and after a while he just offered us to recored at his home studio it took lots of weeks to create our first complete single which is 11 min long . but it was damn worth it ! here we are .. hope youll like it !

(all music by Asgaut ,songs lyrics by Eliran, 'Deatherapy' by Oran)

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