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Band members
Butchered (The Hell Warrior) - Bass, Vocals Avi Caspi - Guitars Yonatan Dushnitzki - Drums


ARALLU Doesn't stand behind any Religion. ARALLU are against the three main Religions. ARALLU believe that Religion is the main reason for WAR!!! ARALLU are fighting and trying to do everything against those who try to "spam" their Religion. They are the main Reason for WAR from the begining of history. ARALLU doesn't care what "army" you are your sex or your belief. ARALLU Believes that all are alike. Without WAR there is no peace. Until the religions wont die, Wars wont die!

"לא לשלום, כן למלחמ×""

'ARALLU', the right hand of Lucifer. 'ARALLU' is a name of a genie from the "Book of the Dead" known as the "Necronomicon".
The "Necronomicon" was written in ancient times by "The mad Arab", known as 'Abdul-Al-hazred'.
The band 'ARALLU' was formed in 1997, in Jerusalem, when the current war was only predicted.
At the head of the band stands '"BUTCHERED" - the hell warrior',
Who writes the lyrics and composes the music, which you can define as
"Mesopotamian Barbaric Black-Metal".
With music being the tool of war for sending the devastating message of 'BUTCHERED',
his messengers upon the earth of the genie 'ARALLU', who will burst out the gates of hell into a war upon all religions, within the walls and gates of Jerusalem.
Within "Har-Habait" he will slaughter and butcher each man who takes upon
himself the belief of the existence of god, striking religion by religion separately
and all religions as one.
When the time comes for concerts, thou shall see all the energies, powers
and blasphemy of 'ARALLU' erupting all on one stage. All which will be stained with the taste of blood, Having Destruction, chaos and blood everywhere. With the message reaching each soul and embarking a war, 'ARALLU' will be able to burst and hit all which stands in his way, entering the earth, concurring it and sending in all of his demons and hell-warriors. Only then will the dead arise from below and god will vanish from the earth. Finally having 'BUTCHERED' standing with the sword of death upon his hands raised up to the sky having lightning hitting the steel as it glows. Forming all the soldiers together, following him to an intense all concurring war, upon each religion which was trying to destroy Satan

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