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Acropolis Bio

Band members
Dror Lukach - vocals Daniel Varfolomeyev - guitar Asaf David - guitar Dana Ayalon - keyboards Elad ``Romano`` Manor - bass Amir Shaham - drums


Acropolis is an Israeli-based Neoclassical Power/Progressive Metal band. Formed in August 2001 by Lead Guitarist/Vocalist Daniel Varfolomeyev, Guitarist Elad Manor and Drummer Amir Shaham, as a heavy-metal quartet under the name 'Area 51'.

Recruiting Ran Buldor for the Bass duties, the quartet started to work, and did a couple of gigs the same month. When Daniel decided that he could no longer handle the vocals and guitar simultaneously, a temporary member, Golan, was recruited for one show. Ran left the band due to his enlisting to the Army.

Because of the long distances between the band members, the band saw a long inactivity period during which some new material was written and the three founding members decided to make some major changes, followed by auditions and a completely new, 6-piece lineup in March 2002.

Elad switched to the Bass duties, leaving the Guitars role to newcomer Guitarist Asaf David, making an impressive guitar-duel with Daniel. Dror 'Shoko' Pe'er took the Vocal duties, as well as the Rhythm guitar on live concerts, and Dana Ayalon has brought in a new instrument in - Keyboards.

Each coming from different roots in music, starting from Dror's Funk/Jazz roots, through Dana's Classical styling, Amir's Classic-Heavy-Metal Drumming and on to Death-Metal influences that Elad and Assaf brought in. If all that wasn't enough, We spice it all up with Daniel's neoclassical composition style.

The new lineup led the band from the straight-forward Heavy Metal approach to much broader, melodic, yet technical writing style, which contrasts the band stylistically from the rest of the Israeli Metal scene.

Working intensively throughout March, April, July and August 2002, the new lineup made its debut stage appearance at the Extreme Rock Festival 2002, which took place on the 9th of August in Tel Aviv. Getting lots of praise, and criticism at once from the other side, the band turned out to be one of the highlights of the festival.

Following a smaller show in Jerusalem, the band entered a studio at the end of August 2002 to start recording material for their first Demo, titled 'Hear the devil comes' and the official band name was changed to 'ACROPOLIS'.

During another inactivity period of about half a year, the band released two songs:
'Majesty' and the title track of the demo - 'Hear the devil comes', both attracted a wide attention among the Israeli metal community, and brought the band to the spotlight.

Shortly afterwards, the band has been asked to perform in a tribute night to the legendery heavy-metal band Megadeth.
Performing with 3 other bands that night, Acropolis definately set itself as the highlight of the tribute, with an impressive stage presence, accurate performance and the blasting vocals-duel with guest singer Yotam 'Defiler' Avni from the Death Metal band 'ABED'. a debut performance of 'Hear the devil comes' after It's official released
took place in that same concert.

In May 2003, vocalist Dror 'Shoko' Pe'er announced his departure from Acropolis, focusing on his solo career.
Dror Pe'er has recently been replaced by the Israeli Metal veteran - Dror Lukach, who have been hailed for the past 2 decades as the best metal vocalist in Israel.

Acropolis is currently writting new material with the new lineup, and going to enter the studio with Producer Boaz Bar-Levy in winter 2004, to record their debut album, which will be mastered in Finland.

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