heavy metal

Corrupted Bio

Band members
Hevi - Vocals Jose - Bass Talbot - Guitar Chew - Drums Takehito - Keyboards


Dirty, raw sludge doom, with a slight hardcore feel. Note that, most of their lyrics are sung in Spanish! Fans of Eyehategod should check out their early works while Grief fans should go for their later ones. Some of their releases contain only one long track. During their career they have produced releases that can claim to be some of the heaviest sludge/doom ever created.

The band obviously have an extensive back catalog, and seem to favour split 7" releases. It should probably be noted that most of the early split 7" are with grind bands. The band has a strict policy of never letting professionals taking their photograph or letting them interview them. The release 'Twin Threat To Your Sanity' is a 2x7" split between Bongzilla, Corrupted, Dystopia and Noothgrush.

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