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Coffins Bio

Band members
Uchino - Guitars/Vocals You - Drums Sentou - Bass


In 1996, The band name was changed from the past band called "COMPROMISE YOU NEED", "COFFINS" was started.
COFFINS aimed at the sound influenced by SWANS & SCORN etc at the beginning of a start.
And YOU joins as Drums after the member change of how often. The music of the band also devotes oneself to the
Doom rock sound such as CATHEDRAL and KYUSS etc. COFFINS doesn't live act for a while and be practiced.
But, each member starts up activity in other bands, and the activity is stopped temporarily after all.
UCHINO and YOU begin practicing aiming at the re-start of COFFINS in 2003. The music of the band changes into
dark Doom/Death sound based on CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER such as WINTER and DIVINE EVE. And to intend heavy
sound to dependence, the band newly receives SENTOU of Sludgecore "PSYCHOTOBLACK" as bassist.
And it becomes an organization UCHINO/Vocal&Guitar, YOU/Drums, SENTOU/Bass and it arrives at present.

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