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Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ Bio

Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ
Band members
Gorepper (Narutoshi Sekine) - vocals Super Wet Cheese (Sumito) - guitars Bizarre Taitei (Takashi) - bass Grotes-Q (Takeshi) - drums


Sumito(guitar), Takashi(bass) started to Thrash metal cover band with Turuoka(ex vocal) in same junior high school.

Narutoshi(vocal) and Takeshi(drums) started to cover band with Susumu (ex drummer).

Sumito, Takashi, Narutoshi, Takeshi, Gan-tyan(RIP) played 1st gig. Then we played SLAYER, METALLICA, SOD etc cover songs.

Sumito, Takashi formed the band called GUSTRIC JUICE. Takeshi left extreem music scene.

Narutoshi formed Death metal band with Susumu. But Narutoshi joined MAGGOTY CORPSE on guitar. 

Sumito joined GRUDGE on guitar.

Narutoshi joined GUSTRIC JUICE and changed name to ALTERNATE DEADBODY.

ALTERNATE DEADBODY into recording studio for 3 songs promo tape. Drums helped by Junji of MAGGOTY CORPSE. After that, changed band name to CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN.

We started to promotion. And we got split 7'EP deal with MORBID RECORDS.

Sumito left the GRUDGE.

Makoto of ex EUTHANASIA joined the band. Narutoshi left MAGGOTY CORPSE.

We recorded alot of songs for some split 7'EP, comp CD etc. we got full length CD deal with MORBID RECORDS.

We recorded our 1st CD in August.

CSSO stareted live activities but Makoto left the band. Our old friend, Susumu joined the band on drummer. Our 1st live at Kouneji 20000V.

In Septembet, we toured with DEAD INFECTION(poland), HAEMORRHAGE(Spain) called GRIND OVER EUROPE tour.

Live schedule

4th July '996 at Kouenji 20000V with Space Kungfuman etc

17th August '996 at 20000V w/Final Exit, Impregnante Trichomonass, CUSS, Curtainrail .

29th August '996 at Cottubus/Germany w/ Dead Infection, Haemorrhage.

30th August '996 at Club Mir/Uh. Hradiste/Czech Republic w/ D.I, Haemorr.

31th August '996 at Ratskeller/Fraureuth/Germany w/D.I, Haemorr.

2nd September '996 at Knnak/Berlin/Germany w/D.I, Haemorr.

3rd September '996 at Stuttgart/Garmany w/D.I, Haemorr and Mucupurulent.

4th September '996 at R.C.bunker/Praha/Czech w/D.I, Haemorr and Closing.

5th September '996 at Ostrava/Czech w/D.I, Haemorr, Malignant tumour etc.

6th September '996 at East club/Bischofswerda/Germany w/ D.I, Haemorr, Agathocles, Krabator.

7th September '996 at Rostok/Germany w/ D.I, Haemorr, Entrail massacre.

8th September '996 at Barlog/Rotterdam/Holland w/D.I, Haemorr, Inhume.

9th September '996 at Deinle/Belgium w/D.I, Haemorr.

10th September '996 at Live music hall/Koln/Germany w/D.i, Haemorr.

11th September '996 at Marl/Germany w/D.I, Haemorr, Inhume.

29th September '996 at Kouenji 20000V w/ I.R.F, Egofix, Grudge, Reputrid Mangel.

We recorded 2 songs for RELAPSE 7'EP.

We recorded 2 songs for split 7'EP with DEAD INFECTION at Nov.

Live schedule

20th March '997 at Gear w/ Space Kungfuman, CUSS, Mania Organ etc.

15th September '997 at Tokyo university of fine art festival

12th November '997 at Shibuya NEST w/ Mortician, Die you bastard, Ritual carnage, Pain jerk.

20th November '997 at Shinjuku Antiknock w/ 324, D.I.E, Brob, Bottom position, Nikudorei, Final Exit.

We kicked out Susumu becouse of different thinking of musical activities. He avoid live activities. So, we fired.

Our nibour, Takeshi joined the band on drummer.

Live schedule

30th April '998 at Kyoto Whoopee's w/ Congenital Haemorrhoids, Bathtub shitter, D.E.E, Stars, Fugaku.

8th November '998 at Shinjuku Antiknock w/ Grudge, Sabazz, D-river, D.I.E, Senseless Apocalypse.

12th December '998 at Shinjuku Antiknock w/ 324, Bathtub Shutter, D.I.E, Cairen, Nikudorei, Brob, Dudman.

We toured Central America with our German friend TIM(Cadaver Feast/Criple Christ).

Live schedule

17th January '999 at Kouenji 20000V w/ Rise above, Die you bastard, Smash the brain, Nikudorei, Brob.

21th February '999 at Kouenji 20000V w/ Rise above, Evol, Orge, Bathtub shitter, Dudman.

6th March '999 at Shinjuku Antiknock w/ Impaled Nazarene, Ritual carnage, Sigh, Abigail.

13th March '999 at Guatemara w/ Succubus.

14th March '999 at San salvador/El salvadpr w/ Succubus.

19th March '999 at Tegucigalpa/Honduras w/ Souls path dying, Blasfemia.

20th March '999 at Managua/Nicaragua w/ Souls path dying etc.

21th March '999 at Costa rica w/ Obliteration etc.

25th March '999 at Mexico city/Mexico w/ Anarchus etc.

26th March '999 at Queretaro city/Mexico w/ Domain.

11th April '999 at kouenji 20000V with Rise above, Die you bastard, Brob, 324, Cairen, Venus juliet.

4th July '999 at Kouenji 20000V w/ Rise above, Unholy grave, Renegade, Brob, Nikudorei, Terrible Headache.

12th September '999 at Kouenji 20000V w/Birdflesh(Sweden), D-river, Rise above, Nikudorei, Quill, Bangling bay.

19th September '999 at Tokyo national university of fine art festival/open air.

11th October '999 at Kouenji 20000V with Rise above, Die you bastard, D.I.E, D-river, Binary scheal, Danjiki.

27th November '999 at Meguro Live station w/ Defiled, Magane, Rise above, Charch of misery, Deadly spawn, Funeral rites, Distemper.

10th Dec '999 at Shinjuku Antiknock (all night) w/Magane, Rise above, D-river, Brob, Deadly spwan, Dagashikashi, Mortal gaze.

18th Dec '999 at Hosei Daigaku w/ Age, Slub judge, Wag platy etc

Now we recorded 2nd full length album called "Are you excrements?". It will be released on German MORBID RECS in this Winter.

Live schedule

16th Jan '000 at Kouenji 20000V w/Rise avobe, 324, Renegade, Nikudorei, Slub judge, Security blanket.

27th Feb '000 at Kyoto/Kiyamachi EAST w/ D.I.E, Zombio, Impregnate Trichomonas, Evol, Hope, Mortalized, Uniq, D.E.E, Scum Jam, Bathtub Shitter and Congenitalized.



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