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Relikt Bio

Band members
Alexander Kochetov - Vocals, Bass Ruslan Ostapenko - Guitar Serdan Salihov - Guitar Timur Oraev - Drums


The group the Relict was formed in spring of 1998 by the forces of young enthusiasts of metal - Alexander Kochetov and Boris Shutov. In the summer the group acted in Ashkhabad Central park, playing popular songs. At the end of November Serdar Salihov has joined group, having brought with itself some songs of own composition. The group starts to work fruitfully in an assembly hall of Pedagogical institute of languages. We were helped by Ruslan Ostapenko on drums, the guitarist of "Rock - club" group. Soon we move to chess club of University, and in some days we get acquainted with Timur Oraev- the fifteen-year teenager, dreaming to play on drums. After purchase of drums we move into the garage belonging to parents of Timur. We did the certain successes in development of tools, simultaneously composed songs. In April, 1999 debut of the Relict has taken place in one of concert halls of Ashkhabad. We have executed 5 things and some covers.
Within all 1999 we acted in clubs, in discos and worked in garage. Imagine summer in Ashkhabad- in shadows of 50 degrees, metal garage under the scorching sun, a roof and which walls for a day were heated, and by the evening in it were locked and, being poured then and inhaling evaporations, musicians of the Relict cut a thrash-metal. There was a most cheerful time. Then us have asked to leave garage, and in the winter of us climbers of club " Agama " have sheltered in the cellar. Dampness and a mould, stuffy air, angry neighbours from above, quickly rusting strings perfectly had to creativity, and we have started record of a demo. Record lasted half-year, for this time Alexander Kochetov has visited army, has left to study in Russia Boris Shutov. The first album - "Apocalypse" - has done bad- our inexperience and absence of decent tools have affected. Therefore we did not begin to publish it, and were accepted to the new program. We rehearsed the whole 2000 in one of the youth organizations, but then we had to leave and therefrom. In general a problem of absence of base - an eternal scourge of turkmen rock - musicians.
Having realized hopelessness of search of a premise, we have decided to adapt for rehearsals a little room, given to us by a grandmother of Alexander Kochetov. One more, 2001 has been completely spent for civil work. The shed has been impose with a brick, walls have condensed, have made multilayered sound insulation, a roof, have welded a door, etc. Time we at all did not rehearse all this. The base has turned out small in volume, inside is very close, on walls mattresses. In general it is possible to be fenced off completely from an external world. For this time there were some rearrangements in structure. First the group was left drummer by Timur, having returned through one year. He was replaced by Ruslan Ostapenko. Besides with us guitarist Oleg Kuznetsov (ex-" Rock- club ") participated. In the winter of 2003 Oleg has left group, having understood that has propensity to more soft music. Timur has almost simultaneously returned, and Ruslan Ostapenko has remained the guitarist. Work at once was set going, yes so is fast, that half-year later we have ripened before record. Result of long, patient work - a demo - album "Religion".

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