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Band members
Angel - Vocals Anton - Lead Guitars, Back Vocals Kostya - Bass Sergey Rasshity - Drums


The Alma Ata group REQUIEM was formed during September 1997 by the former guitarist cult Alma Ata DEATH-GRINDovo1 choir IT ERUPTED Raging John Hyena (known in the people as HYENA and having similar carbon monoxide- iron project) and by technician TRASHevo1 group DEATHTRACK by guitarist by Constantine Posle month of rehearsals to them were joined bass Denis(Pansa) the eks- vocalist of monster angel and eks- drummer OF HYENA Sergey (the very same RasSHITy - received their pseudonym for the incredibly embroidered by metalnashivami dzhinsovuyu jacket). Orientator for REQUIEM selected melodious Black-Death Metal into which successfully it were entered singing klavishnitsa Jeanne - female vokal somewhat softened extreme Sound REQUIEM, that also made music of the group of of more commercial. In the spring of 1998 REQUIEM write their debyutnyy album "Wedding After Funeral" realizovanyy in the form demo on MS. Russkoyazychnye texts to this album were written by angel, and the text of similar composition politely granted Andrey grishin (the very same magnate) - well-known as chairman "societies for the study of the ideas of chuche" and the large amateur of the different kind of mysticism. Extreme vokal of angel was combined rather well with the melodious voice of Jeanne, which made it possible to speak about REQUIEM as about the new phenomenon of Alma Ata throw- scene. Was carry ouied a series of concerts in the support of this reliza, to what confirmation are newspaper publications and shown the local television video materials. In the fall of 1998 REQUIEM actively come out, and in parallel HYENA is occupied by solo project to the participation in which they were drawn already known Constantine Serega, the drummer of the khardkorovoy band TORNADO Jura Mountains Kharin and guitarist DEATHTRACK of max azazello, with which was prepared the program "clap! And there is no bubble!". In the beginning of the spring 1999 REQUIEM of villages into the studio for the record of the new album, which left during May 1999 in sizes CD and MC. album was called name "this requiem to you". On Sound it came out even more commercial, than first reliz, the presence of female vokala key-actuated draws near its k heavy- threw stilyu.Teksty were completely russkoyazychnymi. They are written by angel, and in the songs "death of a suicide" and "requiem" the part of the lyric poetry it is written by Jeanne. Already in the first week album actively disperses among the amateurs it threw Alma Ata cities, but so through the network the Internet on THE CIS, THE USA Kanade.Krasivye melodious compositions do not leave indifferent of listener, but evil and vile vokal of angel gives REQUIEM unique originality. During November 1999 REQUIEM writes the mini- album "dark luna".V it they entered as the completely new compositions, such both "the force of the lunar of sveta", of "two dorogi", "the wanderer of evil" and song "dark moon" written by hyena even for monster, and song from the previous album "the night Of lyutsifera" sung by both the angel and by guitarist of the Alma Ata command LEAD WEIGHT by thunder. So was photographed video clip to the composition "the wanderer of zla"..RETsUIEM it falls into different European and American throw- catalogs and catalogs of groups of the eks- USSR. During January 2000 on half a year into Saint Petersburg city leaves the guitarist Constantine, to whom here is located the replacement in face of Max azazel, guitarist thrash - command DEATH TRACK. The work on the new program immediately begins and active concert deyatel'nost'.Narod on hurray assumes the new material of group and moshchno is torn off on the concerts. The sum of this collaboration becomes the new album REQUIEM "dances on the corpses", recorded in the period from April through June by 2000 goda.Al'bom actively it disperses through Alma Ata, on THE CIS and 0 0N throughout the world through the Internet. On it already there is no female vokala- then style even more it made heavier also in each song they be present key. In spite of the short period of sounding, album came out very diverse from the balladnykh losses to the the ultra-high-speed grayndkora!No as a whole in the stylistics this the same melodious Death- threw. During June vozrashchayetsya from Pieter Constantine and REQUIEM continues with it further work. But alas during January 2001 the family of Constantine is solved to the passage into Belgorod and Kostya leaves command. In its place comes young guitarist and leader of command Naglfar Anton. He very rapidly is poured into the association and brings new sounding and ideas. Is published Russian collector "Music mustdie" on which it is present thing "your sleeps" and against the requiem it learns a large quantity of Russian listeners. Also is removed clip on the "wanderer of evil". Concerts are conducted, connection with the commands on entire former CIS is supported. Command leaves with the concert into the contiguous country - Kirghizia, into Bishkek city, where being heat- vstrechena local foehns carries out carbon monoxide seyshn with the local groups. During August one additional critical loss occurs - leader the guitarist of command Vitalius decides in the root to change his life and leaves on PMZH in THE USA. For a while are not conducted rehearsals, the forced pause in the creation begins, but finally unanimously it is decided to continue activity and thus far to play in the reduced composition. The stylistics of music somewhat changes to the brutal'nuyu side, things become more they are close to death-grind. New album begins to be depicted. But Vitalius was latter, who left group. During December is received the solution to part bass by guitarist by Denis. In its place after thorough searches invites been it is bass Naglfar Kostya - young and moved guitarist. With it dodelyvayutsya the remaining things of the new album "apocalypse". During February 2002 is conducted the presentation of this creation in the club Of adios, new concept is received by the worshippers of command "on hurray". The work on the final record of this album occurs and fruitful concert season is planned.

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