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Band members
Andrey ``Jesus`` - bass and voices Meg - guitars Nick ``Tornado`` - guitars


NEFormat was formed in the late 2002 when members of two local metal acts decided to join their forces into new project. Here they are: Andrey "Jesus" - bass and voices, Meg - guitars, Nick "Tornado" - guitars, Oleg - drums. NEFormat means no format - extreme music with no stylistic boundaries. Our first demo sounded like death metal but it's only beginning. Right now we're work on new material - innovative mid tempo & brutal. And of course it will be full of hatred & anger. We're breathing it everyday and we spit it out in every note!

Kazakhstan is far from being best place for metal band. When even local pop act complains about everything from sound to production so what you counting on playing metal? So, fuck it and let's play! Just do it for yourself! We do.

ALLONS one of oldest metal band of Almaty, ex-capitol of Kazakhstan. Started in 1992, band record a few self-released albums:

"God's Vibrator" 1996

"Shadow" 1997

"Defrag" 1998

Would like to listen? Check the ALLONS sound page. OK, we know - first two records have bad sound, no producing. Fuck it again. "God's…" is a furious thrash metal. "Shadow" just an attempt to mix thrash metal with industrial on our own way. What is "Defrag"? Nobody knows, even me. Some thrash riffing, dancing rhythms and industrial samples. ALLONS get some kind of success (in a local measure) after "Defrag" was released. Local producer center offer contract to us. What was the price? "Stop play metal let's do dance hits!" Fuck it again & again. Band broke up.

Two old members of ALLONS Andrew "Usuff" (bass & vocals) and Bob "Meg" (guitar) joins their forces with Nick (guitar) and Oleg (drums) from local hardcore band TORNADO - now it's called NEFormat. Manifest of this reincarnation was recorded at summer 2002-winter 2003 and called "Breathe with Hatred". So what are you waiting for? Check the sound page! New anthem has no industrial - death metal rule the world! Fuck melodies, harmonies & mid-tempo shit. Be fast & brutal! "I hate therefore I am" - that's right!

If you like new sounds - feel free to write us about it. If you don't - fuck it.

TORNADO was among few bands that begun play hardcore in Almaty. Group starts its way from 1998 and play till 2000. For two years TORNADO changed members regularly. It wasn't problem nether neither for live shows nor for relationships in the band. Most of former members still friends up to now. Band has no records only 20 minute videotape with live show from AMFION Fest. Why? TORNADO was oriented to live show and not for studio work. Band split up in September 2001 and one of attempts it's reincarnation turn into project with another band ALLONS - NEFormat.

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