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Lead Weight
Band members
Roman Barelko - Vocals Andrey Yermolaev - Vocals & Guitar Jesus - Bass Pavel Archakov - Drums


Melodic Death Metal band from Kazakhstan- Almaty. Grom - vocal, guitar. Hellpash - drums. Blum - bass guitar. Yermola - lead guitar. Hello, asshole! If you can see characters here it means that you have a modem at first and PC for it and also that you're swimming in Internet now. Moreover, as I can see, it looks like you looking for nonhiphop music (the best kind of any music!). If you have problems with reading the History, don't hurry to beat the monitor and don't push ESCAPE button, just check your font drivers and check electric connection of the computer. So, the band was born 1980, when two madafuckers (Yermola further Old Y. and Blum further Blum) set on one school desk and wrote some dirty words on it. After dirty words writing brothers played, played and played and got balls of still. No wonder that 1989 Old Y. finished his service in Soviet arms and established first line-up. We accumulated some money and bought amplifiers, keyboards and other fucks. We played hard, we played heavy and we got the sponsor who paid for guitar processor "Korg A5" and cool custom guitars. Balalaikas were maids by famous Valeriy Chernyshov (Krishna help him!) and were maids good. There were "Di Marzio" pick ups, "Fender" machine heads and "S.I.T." strings. Old Y. even sold his "Lead Star", because against CUSTOM, "Lead Star" like Prince against Luccano Pavarotti. Then, I am (Old Y.) scratched one's balls and made a product. Sometimes Yngwie Malmsteen, sometimes Steve Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Hendrix, Johny Winter, Ritchie Blackmore, Marty Freedman, and "Megadeth" most of all. Meantime our "motherfucking" drummer (fucking covard, asshole!) drunk, drunk and left the band, that's why we bought the drum computer Alesis SR-16 whereupon. Then we ran to the studio and made some pornographic records. There were a few albums. We started to promote albums on the radio and won some places on the tops. After that Yermola met with Vasia. Vasia was a radio and "Lead Weight" fan before and played heavy with some guys. And Yermola met with those guys and made a jam session. After jam they thought: "It was not fucking bad!" "It's fucking cool!!!!" And now there is an up-to-date History. Our heroes took the amplifiers, drums and processors and put it to one kindergarten. And played all summer (it's a pity there were no children!) fast and mean. There was a lot of drums track recorded. After we sat on a flat and recorded guitar parts. And made it. It's a real rap and heap-hop creation! Napalm Death with Yngwie Malmsteen through Dimmu Borgir. There was born a monster, which changed the look for beauty. Some bands will take a rest (in peace!). God helps them!

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