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Band members
Verapol Emaree (Ong) - Guitar Suppakit Chuersuwan (Link) - Drums Thanit Thepsitrakorn (Joe) - Vocal, Bass


Deathguy - Morbid activities start in August 1998 by Verapol (Guitar) and Thanit (Vocal).. Debut EP "Introduction '98" was released after the band formed in Death/Thrash Metal styles

In 1999 - 2000 Nuttaphum (Guitar) and Suppakit (Drums : from Annular Eclipse) join the majestic memories. Some live show set the band to be known in Siam...example the legendary "God Beheadind Live 2000".. etc. and got many feedbacks about being strong band of live shows. New legendary was generated in August '00 at same studio of the debut EP . Then the first full length "The Secondary Quest" with more Majestic Power/Death Metal styles release on tape..

In 2001 Deathguy play support to thrash metal general, Sodom at June and other wicked live such as Satan Spawned Fest , some at another province in Thailand ex. Chiang Mai , Chonburi. The time pass by "Introduction EP" and "The Secondary Quest" have already sold out in Thailand.

In 2002 Trinity Records Hong Kong re-release Deathguy's both tapes into CD format to spread in worldwide. "The Legend of Romancer" was out and it include new demo of them too. TRHK spread the name of the band to be known more as Melodic Black/Death Metal band. But by time and progression ,the band had already changed....

In 2003 Deathguy showed at Rock Fest 2003,Chiang Mai. It was the last time of Nuttaphum for being commander in the band. In Summer He was out.....At the begining of May , It's was "Songkla Hell Fest" at Songkla, Southern Thailand. It's the first time of Deathguy for being trio band. And this show made everyone know that they really change. "Brutalus Death Metalus Siamensis" was identifed at last.

Deathguy massacred Jesus Christ on Sat 9th August 2003 with Christkrusher Metal Beasts : Impiety , Surrender of Divinity , Nechbeyth , Lacerate , Shambles... at Thailand Cultural Center / Bangkok , New promo "The Beast zingle promo" was released in that same day. "The Beast" only a track in the promo that was record in the end of year 2002

Winter of 2003, Kommand to create new killing weapon was arise. All Cerebral Assaulting weapon was created at Ghost studio. And then other killstruments created at Zilent Zlaughter Ztudio.

2004 Agonizing Dominion "Concentrate The Annihilation" finish in March of 2004, The Necroterrorize album release by Vrykoblast Productions in 12th May. Necronivorous Era has begun from now on. . .

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