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A Good Day for Killing Bio

A Good Day for Killing
Band members
Saken - guitars Ekkachai - vocals Sittichai - drums


The end of August 2002, three bloodthirsty brutes have conspired to found a sick brutal band to relieve their insanities under the name A GOOD DAY FOR KILLING. The list of rebels consisted of Ekkachai - Vokiller , Sittichai - Drums Devastator and Saken - Guitars Violator. Throughout two months since founding the band, they had been often entering the rehearsal room to rehearse earnestly to fine their own barbarous way. Then they started to compose the songs for their first recording. Four blasting brutal death songs were written within four months and were recorded in February 2003 at the local rehearsal room. This debut demo was entitled 'AssAsSin' and was finally released in early of March 2003. They spread this demo to labels, fanzines and webzines in their local territory and also many countries around the world. Although the sound of this demo was rather crude, but it was full of the raw underground feelings. So the Siamese brutal maniacs including the freaks from deepest underground scenes fiercely welcomed and supported this unknown band and their debut work. In October 2003 the track 'Deathgate Opened' from their demo was put to Maelstrom666 Compilation CD Volume # 666 with many great underground bands from many countries like Deathguy, Asphyxiate, Crucifire, Scurvy, Korihor, Kratornas, Abigail, etc. Now they still keep on ruining the whole blandness and are looking for a beastly killer to join their wicked camp on bass position.

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