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Seraphim Bio

Band members
Quinn Weng - Vocals Kessier Hsu - Guitar Lucas Huang - Guitar Jax Yeh - Bass, Vocals Simon Lin - Drums


Although Seraphim is a new concept, the musicians behind this eclectic music have very diverse backgrounds. Seraphim is a compilation of five outstanding musicians, each in their own right. They all decided to come together and see where this project would lead them. The result was Seraphim.

Seraphim is Pay, Kessier , Dan, Jax and Simon. Pay comes from an opera background. She has delighted audiences for years with her incredibly high-pitched voice. Pay comes from an extensive background in music and has studied in Europe to hone her skills.

Kessier and Jax have been together for many years playing in the heavy metal band "Fire Dance". Earlier this year when "Fire Dance" decided to call it quits, Kessier and Jax didn't know they were about to go in a new direction. When Kessier called Pay he knew where that new direction would lead them. It certainly didn't take Kessier long to convince Jax of the potential. Kessier with his blazing guitar playing and Jax with his rhythmically orgasmic bass playing are a wonderful complement to each other and Jax's heavy thrash-vocals contrast darkly with Pay's operatic voice.

Dan used to play in a hard-core band called "Jack Hammer ".

Simon, the man that holds the rhythm together, was the drummer for "Assasin". He studied at M.I. in California. He has a heavy background in Jazz and Fusion and definitely can tear around the drum-set with precision and speed.

In addition they have decided to bring in a top-notch keyboard player for this album, Maggie.
Their debut album "The Soul That Never Dies" shows the strong roots of the band to Eastern spirituality. It definitely has solid ties to the circular nature of life.

This unimaginable feast of sound made its debut May 11th and they sure shook the ceilings down all across Taipei. Seraphim left no doubt who rocked the house that night. Industry insiders from Europe have said they are a "top level band with high caliber musicians".
They are planning to embark on an extensive tour beginning in Asia then heading through Europe.

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