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Walls Of Jericho Bio

Walls Of Jericho
Band members
Aaron • bass
Candace • vocals
Wes • drums
Chris • guitar
Mike • guitar


hailing from the lifeless city of detroit, mi. comes the five piece spectacle that is walls of jericho. the band formed in september of 98 and immediately started playing as often as possible. they've played all over the country with many more established bands such as buried alive, hatebreed, harvest, another victim, brothers keeper, reach the sky, and the list goes on and on.

in april of 99 they released a 7" on underestimated records and a cdep with the demo and 7" on genet records called "a day and a thousand years". this along with playing countless shows helped to solidify them as one of the next generation of heavy hitters.

the walls of jericho sound is a bit different than your typical hardcore band. they incorporate metal, old school hardcore, youth crew, thrash, melodic metal, and e-chug hardcore into a style that definetely stands out. having a female lead singer who screams her throat bloody also helps to give them a unique style and sound.

december of 99 marks their debut full length on trustkill records called "the bound feed the gagged" followed by as much touring as humanly allowed by law. be on the lookout for they will surely be in your hometown soon.

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