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20 Dead Flower Children Bio

20 Dead Flower Children
Band members
D-HAUZ - vocals Keith Lowers - guitars/programming Jason Garrison - drums Nico - bass

nu metal
alt metal

Four musicians all equally active in the city's underground cultures of hip-hop, hardcore and techno found each other and formed the musical hybrid known as 20 DEAD FLOWER CHILDREN.

The band released it's self titled debut album in 1996 with a former vocalist on OverCore Records. After that record they made a change, adding the "socially conscious" vocalist named D-Hauz. His observations of our society, domestic violence and the misuse of political power further enabled the 20 DEAD FLOWER CHILDREN fuse to be lit.

"CANDY TOY GUNS AND TELEVISION" was released in 1997 and people began to feel the message that D-Hauz, along with guitarist/programmer Keith Lowers and drummer Jason Garrison were sending. The message they are sending is reality. Following the release of this record they changed their bassist. Picking up the touring duties for most of this record is their new bassist, Nico.

Live, these "products of your animosity" are on a mission to make you move. The energy exuded from these four is almost criminal. It's as if somewhere in the undeniable groove they want you to move with them, only to push their message even deeper. To posses not only your body but also your mind.

They have toured the U.S. numerous times with bands like COAL CHAMBER, DROWN, SEVENDUST, and SKREW. 20 DEAD FLOWER CHILDREN have built up a rabid following, all of which hear their message loud and clear…our society is a mess and without change you are "just another victim of the new world order."

The fuse has been lit...............

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