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Beyond Description
Band members
Hideyuki Okahara - Vocals Yasunari Honda - Guitar Satoshi Mandokoro - Bass Hiroshi Yoshioka - Drums


BEYOND DESCRIPTION was formed in 1988 w/all different members except Hideyuki(Vocal) Lots of line up changes, but never slow down. The current line up is Hideyuki Okahara(Vocal), Yasunari Honda(Guitar), Satoshi Mandokoro(Bass) And Hiroshi Yoshioka.

In 1992, they released 1st 7"ep called "More power to your elbow" from DESPERATE ATTEMPT records in US. And after that, they got tons of releases untill now. (Please check them on discography page)

In 1997, they toured in Germany w/BOOT DOWN THE DOOR, Y, WORLD CHAOS.

In 2000, we got first full length album called "Acts of sheer madness" on FAREWELL records (Germany), BLACKSEEDS records (Malaysia) and our own FOREST records. After release this album, we changed drummer, and did lots of gigs and short tours.

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