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Band members
Vocals: Tetsu Haramura Guitar: Ken Kubo Guitar: Norikazu Takenaka Drums: Naoya Hamaii


Tetsu had been interested in Melodic Death Metal and looked for members in order to make his metal band. One day, Dan(RITUAL CARNAGE) who had happened to know him introduced Bill. That was very fortunate for him. It was on January 1997.
After a few days, Bill, Dan, their friend Alex as a drummer, Shige as a guitarist whom they had newly got to know and Tetsu began a band (Dan had already made RITUAL CARNAGE). The band is named BEREAVED by Bill.
At that time they played typical melodic death metal songs which had lyric melody. But Shige left the band at once because he wanted to play more extreme songs. He joined RITUAL CARNAGE after that. Alex also left a few months later.
Tetsu began looking for new members again and making new songs. And Takeru as a new drummer joined the band. Tetsu and Bill re-began BEREAVED as a trio. They did first gig in Sangenjaya of Tokyo on September 1998.
In the beginning of 1999, Takeru left because he would enter a college in Kyoto. Then Tetsu gave up playing the guitar and decided to become a vocalist in order to make the band better. And Taka Itagaki, who had played in the black metal band "CRYPT", joined the band as a new guitarist. He was a friend of both Tetsu and Bill. Ken also joined the band as a support guitarist because Tetsu strongly wanted to have two guitarists in BEREAVED. Moreover, Keisuke (VOMIT REMNANTS) joined as a support drummer. This was why the third stage of BEREAVED began.
On March 2000 they did gig in Nagoya, in April they as a support act did with RITUAL CARNAGE and KRABATHOR in Takadanobaba of Tokyo. But the end of this year Itagaki left the band because of the difference in musical direction. Therefore Norikazu "Tahke" Takenaka joined as a new guitarist. That was very reasonable because he had been a friend of Ken since his university days. After that Ken decided to join formally. Keisuke left because his band VOMIT REMNANTS had got busy, and the band asked Hamaii (RITUAL CARNAGE) to join. He gladly consented to.
The band began to make songs immediately after their joining. The quality of the songs advanced by leaps and bounds. On Spring 2001, the band made a new demo including five pieces "Reclaim". They sent it to labels in Europe, and as a result they got the honor that it was selected "Unsigned Band Best 10 in 2001" in the annual project of French metal fanzine "METALLIAN MAGAZINE"
In fall of the same year, Leo joined BEREAVED. He had played other kinds of music, but he could get techniques which are needed in playing Death Metal in short span because of his effort. His technical play made progress with their songs.
In fall 2003, they finished making some songs, selected five pieces among them and began to make 2nd mini album. It was produced by the band and was named "What the Wolf Brings". FRANTIC BLADE PRODUCTIONS, which was their own label established by themselves, finally released it on Jun 2004. The quality of its sound and the songs was much better than that before. After releasing, they had many shows aggressively till the end of the year and got much appreciation and a lot of fans.
Now they are going to next stage. And they will begin to make a first full album within a few months.

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