heavy metal

Wrecked Bio

Band members
Kyle - vocals
Matthew - guitar
Steve - bass
Alpheus - drums

nu metal

Los Angeles Based WRECKED has only been together only a few short months but their
Mission is clear. To create the heaviest, most original music free of False images,
Fictional characters, and Rock Stardom.

Originally started as Houston Based Band "HPD" Singer Kyle Zemanek decided that it
was time to leave the diminished scene of Houston for the more established scene of Los
Angeles. It was then Kyle met the aspiring Bass Talents of Steve Vallera, a Los Angeles
native and veteran of many L.A. based bands. Drummer Alpheus came into the picture
after a chance meeting through the Recycler, with him brought an assortment of
influence and technique, which would solidify the unyielding sound that can only be

A sudden guitar change took place only 4 months after the lineup was concrete, This
brought the Guitar Talent of Matthew Cohen into the Band, with Matthew brought an
originality like no other, also a sound heavier than the earth and stars put together.
With a solid lineup, a powerful sound and an uncontrollable determination WRECKED
is here to be the New Breed of band, No Image, No Gimmick, No Rock Stars, Just the
Heaviest, Most Original music that can possibly be imagined. WRECKED brings raw
power, emotion, unbridled talent, and never ending Originality to the stage for a
performance leaving the crowd in awe, and demanding more. WRECKED is more than
a band, it's the new breed, the new sound, and its what's left of your impression of what
heavy was.

WRECKED asks you "What's in a name"

That's what we do.

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