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Asrafil Bio

Band members
Y.Washio - vocals, guitars, programming C.Ikeda - guitars


1994/Jun Washio starts the band, called Asrafil
1995/Aug The anouncement of the 1st Demo "Dissonant Tear Of The Spirits" .
Less than 100 were sold in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka..
Less than 100 were sold in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.
1996/Dec 2nd Demo"The splendid Degradation" is released.
Band activity will start from April 1997 onwards.
However, there is currently still uncertainty about the members joining in
1997/xx 7 inches Split single of "In The Rosecolored Time" released.
1998/xx Still struggling with the fact of an uncomplete band line up,
eventually the activities stopped after the gig
in the Namba Rockets on 31.Jan of the same year.
Then Washio started another band together with Mr. K( from Cataplexy)
under the name of "Sentir Odio Por Amor", ultimately changing it into
"De Profundis" before moving on to action.
They held several gigs and announced their first Promo Tape in 1998.
But they split up in 1999.....
*** The bands Washio joined in before are the Black Metal bands
"OHURA-MAZD" and "CATAPLEXY" as well as the Gothic Metal band
"CAVE IN DEPTH".Then, Washio kept silence for about one year........
2000/xx Recently, Kajitani joined the ranks on bass and "ASRAFIL" resurrected.
2000/Dec The release of the video clip "Zone",
in which both Washio and Kajitani appear.
2001/Mar Recently, Tsutsui (vocals) joined the band.
2001/Mar Together with our friends from "SCOURGE" we planned a gig
at Osaka's club Namba BEARS.
At this occasion we distributed a free CD, featuring also 4 other bands.
2001/Apr With our latest live performance at Osaka's CLUB WATER,
Tsutsui left the band. For the time being, Washio is taking up vocals.
However, gradually the sound of the fast drilling tunes of the early
Asrafil is making its way to the punch of down tempo gothic.
2001/Jul Recently, Ikeda (guitar) joined the band.
2002/Mar After the gig in Nagoya, Kajitani (bass) decided to leave.
Currently we are looking for new bass player and drummer.
2003/Feb Darkmist joined the band as a help drummer.
2003/Aug New singer Sammy joined the band.
2004/Mar Sammy left Asrafil.
2004/May New singer Necrolord Pandemonium and
keyboard player Mari joined the band.

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