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Kaoteon Bio

Band members
Anthony Kaoteon (KaosGod): All Music Walid (Wolflust): Vocals Orifist: Drums Lincoln Mc Culloh: Drums


KAOTEON (Kaotik Eon) has no political nor religious goals but musical, social, philosophical and chaotic views.

The band started in 1998/9 as a one man band by KaosGod then Wolflust joined the set in 2000.

The 2 members worked on some material that were never recorded until Riad joined mid 2003 and they decided to record their debut demo at a home made studio in one single take early 2004.

The demo was released after one month by UNSUNG HEROES RECORDS (USA) in February 2004 and gained a lot of attention in the global underground on radios, zines and the metal community which made many labels interested but offers were not accepted due to local circumstances and lack of freedom.

KAOTEON is currently working on some new material with new foreign members on drums (Orifist From France [Agressor, Imperial Sodomy, Belef, Disharmony] and Lincoln From Canada [Ex-Pariah, Meatlocker seven, Self Inflicted])that shall harm your ears in the coming future, if everything goes as planned...

- I despise a world which does not feel that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy -
"Ludwig van Beethoven"

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