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Cimmerian Path Bio

Cimmerian Path
Band members
Nassim Tabri - Vocals Hamid Khoriaty - Guitars Elias Abboud - Bass Sako Missirian - Keyboards Carlos Abboud - Drums


Cimmerian Path was formed in November 1996. It is a well known band among
local listeners. The band have played several local gigs with local and international

In the Beirut Rock Festival, the band supported both "House of Usher" and "Dreadful Shadows", two Goth bands from Germany. We have already recorded three Demo's, two at Ram Studios, and the third at Elias Rahbany Studios in Beirut.

The band members are influenced by classical music and orchestral music of large scale production. We are also interested in music composed for soundtracks to films of the dark kind. The art of composing is much more important and satisfying to us than being able to play an instrument like a virtuoso. We believe in that the orchestration of many instruments playing a simple line of music could be much more effective and beautiful than a few instruments playing complicated and hard technical parts.

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