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Band members
Hamid "Avinar" M.A. - All Vocals and Instruments


In a winter night 1999, Hamid "Avinar" M. A. was projected his one-man band "Avinar". In the autumn 2003, Morteza "Nightking" B.Z. was projected his one-man band "Nightgate". Nightking had another split-up band, "Mim"; And the members of Mim can not found a solution for their secrecy problems. And this band had split-up in 2002. Mim was released a demo titled" Unholy Ashes" in 2002. But Nightking was follower of this split-up band with a new name "Nightgate". Shab was formed in the winter 2003 in Iran (Tehran). And the band's projector is Avinar. Shab means "The Night", this is a Persian word. The aim of projection of this band is members another philosophy. The first promotion album of Shab "Mourning In The Night" recorded and mixed in 2003. This promotion album is members trying in 5 years. But in those years members didn't want to release their mutualize arts. And this method to be continued until winter 2003. This is the first and last promotion album of Shab. Mourning In The Night is the best promotion album cause this is re-recorded of 22 duets that members played in 5 years. All works to production of this promotion album by Shab. Mourning In The Night is very Romantic / Sadden Melodic Black Metal with meaningful lyrics. After one month the band decided to record Shab's first full length album "Abyssic Imperial" in 2004. Avinar changed band logo in this album. And after Abyssic Imperial Avinar agreed sub-title (music style) of Shab to "Sadden Melodic Black Metal". And it was in those days that Behnam.A joined to Shab. Avinar and Nightking's top favorite sub-title is "True Black Metal". But Avinar's music theme is melodic and Nightgate is like that, too. And this sentences are the reasons of changing Shab's music style from melodic black metal to true black metal and Avinar re-agreed Shab's music theme in 10.Jul.2004 titled "Misanthropic Sadden True Black Metal". After 7 months playing just in the studio with Behnam A. and without recording any song, Behnam A. left the band in Oct.2004. He said he can't play a metal music whitout death metal elements and he left; also splited up his black death metal band "Jabbar". And 3 days after Behnam's leaving, Nightking left the band too. And he said I have my own reasons and I can not explain it for anyone.
In 18.nov.2004 after living in a secrecy place Avinar found a member to continue Shab's activities; so Omid "king Arcanum" A. joined the band as guitarist (rhythm and bass guitars) in 26.nov.2004. So Shab's second full length album "From The Book Obscure Written" recorded and mixed in Jan.2005. But two weeks after recording this album, "King Arcanum" left the band.

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