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Band members
Behnam A. (2002 - 2003 / 2004 - 2004 , Vocals / Bass) Mehdy A. (2002 - 2004 , Guitars) Hamid GH. (2003 - 2004 , Bass)


Iranian Black Death Metal (Industrial / Chaotic Black Death Metal) band "Jabbar" was formed in spring 2002 by Behnam A. (vocals, bass) and Mehdy A. (guitars) in Tehran. At the first Jabbar's members played Old Darkthrone, Deicide, Morbid Angel and Immolation songs as practice to doing better Black Death Metal. After some months they was recorded their first and last demo "Bloody Commands to Destroy Their Future" in winter 2003; This suicidal and aggression demo is self released and so bootleg but Behnam A. will release 25 limited copies to Iran's metal heads in winter 2005.
But Behnam A. leaved the band to join "Shab" (Iranian black metal band) in 2003 and Mehdy A. was found a bassist to continue Jabbar's activities. Hamid Gh. (bass) was joined to Jabbar.
But they can't record any song, because Behnam was the front-man of the band and Behnam decided to feel Shab's music and he said: "To corporation with Shab, I must play just Black Metal and I must to be a black metal man, without any elements of Death and it is so hard and painful but I like my best friend Hamid "Avinar" M.A. (front-man of Shab) and I must to do it for him."
And after 7 months that Behnam A. was in Shab, he back to his first band Jabbar without recorde any song with Shab. Becasue he can't play a perfect Sadden black metal for Shab and he leaved the band. Also he decided to split-up his first band Jabbar in summer 2004 and he did it. Behnam A. doesn't believe Underground and he believed his band never see the victorious banner.
Now, Jabbar is a dissolved Iranian black death metal band, Behnam A. is in home and listening death metal all of the day and he will be a misanthropic death metal fan, forever. Mehdy A. and Hamid GH. have an underground black metal band "Zalem" (covering Impaled Nazarene, Darkthrone, Mayhem)

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