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Hopesfall Bio

Band members
Joshua Brigham - guitar
Ryan Parrish - guitar/vocals
Chad Waldrup - bass
Adam Morgan - drums
Jay Forrest - vocals


.hopesfall. began on a night in early march of 1998. The band formed spontaneously on a particulary boring evening in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our first goal was nothing more than to write a few songs and play a show. But as we were writing our songs we realized that we had stumbled onto something interesting and creative, so we began to set small agendas for the band. After our first show, we decided we wanted to play out of town. The next step was to play in a club instead of a house. Finally, we wanted to try our hand at recording our songs.

Our first record, "the frailty of words" came about after we met Vic Cuccia at a show in South Carolina. He offered to release a record for us, and obviously we were stoked. After being a band for only 8 months, we packed up our gear every weekend for two months and recorded in a makeshift garage studio. Shortly after we released our album we were lucky enough to get invited to play Cornerstone Festival. So in July of 1999, we played the fest and broke all the microphones. The fest administration was pissed, the people were excited, and we were relieved that we only had to pay $150 for the damage. After that experience, we decided to hit the road.

Fortunately for us, our first five day tour was with spitfire, and three of the shows were with 18 Visions. After our first taste of life on the road, we were ready to try and record again and tour some more.

It would be a full two years before our EP "no wings to speak of" was released on Takehold Records. We lost several band members, were robbed, bought a van who's engine exploded two months later, played a lot of horrible shows, were screwed over by shady unnamed record companies, had to tour in our cars, and had our EP release show go on without our new EP. To make a long story short, it was a difficult two years. But, these two years had their share of good times as well. We were lucky enough to meet some incredible people, play with some incredible bands, and a couple of us even graduated from college.

This all leads up to the present day. .hopesfall. is made up of five individuals who are committed to each other as friends, and to making music. We all have one goal in mind, to write creative and inspiring music. We do not wish to exist within confining genres and subgenres of the particular scenes that dot the hardcore/emo landscape. Rather, we hope to defy these categories placed on music by remaining true to the creative process of writing songs. Whether our music expresses itself through a melodic, spaced out riff; or through a heavy, driving breakdown... We will continue to push our own creative boundaries in writing music. We hope that the music world will support us on our way. We'll see you soon... and get ready to rock.

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