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Umusibyan Bio

Band members
Syahrul - voices/guitars Afzan - drums


Umusibyan was formed in the middle of 2000 with its first line up consist of Zalix (vocals), Syahrul (guitars), Faizal (bass) and Afzan (drums). However then, Zalix left Umusibyan because of his commitment to other things. Therefore, Syahrul took over Zalix' place and with this line up, Umusibyan entered the studio and recorded their first demo entitled 'Evocation of Siluman' on 04 June 2001.

In the end of 2001, Faizal left the band due to personal problems and Umusibyan now only consists Syahrul and Afzan. Therefore, they use sessionist for practice or any occasions.

In early 2002, Umusibyan started to compose songs for their 2nd material. While waiting for the material being recorded, they have released a few rehearsal tapes. Now, they are currently work out for their next material that will be released in early 2004.

Finally, the gate to the ancient dimensions is now widely open to inhale your spirit to call in.

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