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Sermont Bio

Band members
Fauzi - Drums Mizan - Guitar & Backing Vocals Zam - Bass & Vocals


"Scorching Enthusiasm, as the angel whine, witches dances in the gloom of the nightside,

Fairies praise at the black roses, as it bloom, chanting at the fullmoon, shinning,
Whispering towards me to witness the birth of the dark child…"

Sermont has been playing its dark and evil music since 1992 by the former members Fauzi & Zam originally named as Slumber Death.

Slumber Death manages to release a rehearsal demo tape in 93 "Incantation Of The Damnable". Unfortunately this release was considered a failure & never been officially release. Only few copy were made for promotion use.

In 1994 Fauzi formed his own band known as INFLAMED with Mizan, Aos & Dannie. Dannie & Aos who was also the editor of "Noisy Scene Zine" left shortly due to some personal problem. INFLAMED was officially R.I.P

Early 1995, Sermont was born Zam rejoin Fauzi & Mizan. After failed recruiting new members to the band we decided to remain as trio.


Mizan (Lead), Fauzi (Drum) & Zam (Vox / Bass).

Together we start to build our own creation based on the lyrics written about witchcraft, warlock and warlust. And the result was "Waltz OF Mystici'sm" Demo recorded in end of 1995. Wanting to be different in this false world. May our attempt be a successful one…Hail!!!
"Awaken & Rise..Whirling Around Me Like A Thunderous Maelstrom Forcing Me To Step Off The Edge As I Chant The Spell Backwards"
"Possessed By The Sorcery Of Dark Sermont"

1996-Sermont was pronounced R.I.P.

Right after the recording Mizan decided to quit from the band, due to this the demo was never got out.

Fauzi then join CRYPTIC MALEDICTION and some other local hordes RAVENLORD (Mal), IMPERIAL (Mal), INDAMNATION (Mal).

Zam is currently in MG-34 (Mal). Mizan formed LORD ABATTOIR(MAL).

2001- Astral Lore Production decided to released "Waltz Of Mysticism"

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