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Hoobastank Bio

Band members
Doug Robb - vocals
Dan Estrin - guitar
Markuu Lappalainen - bass
Chris Hesse - drums


Put a band together with influences like Faith No More, Tool, and Fishbone, let each member add unique influences ranging from Phish to Guns n Roses to Trance music. Enter Hoobastank.

Flash back to July of 1998 and enoughmoney saved up to self release the first album They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To, spreading the Hoobastank sound across Southern California, throughout the United States, and as far as the UK, Brazil, Russia, and Israel.

Even further back to the summer of 1994 when Dan and Doug and Markku started writing music together, and then to early 1995 when Chris answered the right newspaper ad to complete the quartet. Forward a bit to the summer of 1995. The Roxy in Los Angeles. The first show: the lights, the adrenaline and the fans. The fans like you that have enabled Hoobastank to consistently sell out local shows, to play up and down California and Arizona, and to play venues as large as the Palace and even the Universal Amphitheatre.

And then look to what is almost yesterday. A band that has matured and grown enough to get signed to Island/Defjam Records and be picked up by the booking agency CAA, and then to tomorrow: a new album that will set new standards for and a tour that will bring the energetic Hoobastank sound even closer to you.

It has all led up to this, and this is only the beginning...

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