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Necromanicide Bio

Band members
Andre - Guitar / Vocals Adrian - Bass / Vocals Jeret Christopher - Drums Stefan - Bass Nick Lee - Guitar


Formed in early 1995, Necromanicide is Malaysia's pioneer positive hard music band.

In the begining we played at small gigs, at colleges. And along the way introducing it's own materials. Amongst the most notable of this college gigs was the first 'Battle of the bands' in Taylors College (KL, Malaysia), 1995. Where Necromanicide won Runner-Up. The crowd was immensly pleased as the band departed from the commercial taste of the night and splattered up it's own moshing concotion of metal / hardcore.

This was a great leap for the band who went on to do more gigs after that event... more doors were open and God had given the band favour with many people.

We then do a demo. Got signed to do a split album with 2 Singaporean artistes under Pony Canyon Music in 1995. It's called 'The Underground Scene'. It contained 5 tracks of Necromanicide along with Singaporean (Secular) acts Stomping Ground and Opposition Party. In late 1998, did a full length album, 'Hate Regime', again under Pony Canyon Music (HQ in Japan). Songs from there were featured in a few compilations from around the globe.

The band also played a numerous succesful gigs including a gig at the Salem Beach Blast which was attended by an estimate of 35,000 people! The band then took a short hiatus after Axeman Nick Lee went of to study in the States.

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