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Band members
Supreme Vayoh - guitars Alaiz - vocals Akraz - bass


All the ancient legends point a time when the world was once and free, from the mountain to the seas. Then agigantic series of shaman's seance occured, which involved all the people in the world, sucking all the ancient races into its vortex of fear, destruction and death. The world has divided into two by the forces of "LIGHT" and the other by the forces of "DARKNESS".
LARRONZ originated during these times from the forces of "DARKNESS".

A series of shaman's seance in 1992 at Borneo Coastalside Regime, MATU overwhelmed by the forces of "DARKNESS". The shaman's seance was lead by shamanic leader namely Guru Aziz (vomit, gitar), Adiaq (Bass) and Mail (Drums).

Early 1993, Larronz enthroned the Borneo Coastalside Regime by desecrating and vomitting the debut demo namely CURSE OF DEVASTATION consist 2 tracks of uttery raw sound uncompromising heavy thunder death metal.

1994, Mail left Larronz and replacing by Supreme Vayoh and after prepared thru repentance, expiation, fasting, ablutions, cleansing, meditation and sacrifies, LARRONZ release promo tape namely THE EASTERN SHAMAN with profesional recording in 1996.

1998, Aphi (ex-Verdaqah) completed the shamanic line-up and embarked in a live settting , shocking audiences with their intense and almost ritualistic performance. After playing a few gigs, in Jun 1998 the four-peace went into the studio to recorded "Dakan Perana Tana", which would consist 4 songs. Schedule to be release in November 1999 but its failure due to the problem happened to Supreme Vayoh which fracture left femur.

2001, the shamanic leader, Guru Aziz and Adiaq officially split from Larronz and Supreme Vayoh recruited Alaiz ( Vomit ) and Akraz ( Bass) and Alphi become the band crew.

A Relic Of Saktism the song taken from the un-released EP Dakan Perana Tana, was released in the compilation Panggilan Pulau Puaka Vol. V part 2. The compilation was released by PSE in Oktober 2002 and Larronz using Larr as band name.

July 2003, Larronz officially unleased MCD Dakan Perana Tana and its available thru MeNJREX NeRTO production, e-mail

Current line-up, Supreme Vayoh ( Guitar ), Alaiz ( Vocall ) and Akraz ( Bass )

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