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Ephemeral Bio

Band members
Jepp - vocals Rafiz - bass Es - guitar Rosni - guitar Lee - drums


EPHEMERAL was formed in mid 1994. The name was given by our ex-drummer, Epit. At that time, the lineup consist of Jepp (vocal), Rafiz (bassist), Rosnie (guitar), and Epit (drum). In late 1995, Epit left the band due to his personal problem. After that, Lee joined the force and took over the tools. In July 1996, we had unleashed our first demo at Bach & Traz Studio, Bangsar. We had sold 100 copies of our first demo and it was sold thru gigs and fellow friends.

A month, after the demo had been released, we felt that EPHEMERAL should have another guitarist, so we decided to take Rosz who was Rosnie's brother to join up the force, in order to strive more powerful material in the future. As years passed by, the band became more matured.

In March 1999, rafiz has left from the band because he wanted to concentrate on his own band project. Finally, we managed to get the replacement for him, Haniff. After a few practice and session, we finally composed a few material for our future recording.

April 2000, we have composed a few new material and a promo was recorded at Eclipse Studio, Klang consists of 10 songs inclusive one cover song from Judas Priest which is " Breaking The Law ". In February 2001, Rafiz decided to hook once again with EPHEMERAL and we decided to recruit him back. End of 2002, Koin left the band and we recruited Es to take over his position. After a few jamming session with our new guitarist we managed to compose 4 songs with a combination of Death Metal added some of our old element.

In 2003, EPHEMERAL was offered to play 2 gigs at Nilai and Donington Pub, Kl. After a decade of existance in the underground scene, we plan to release a full length album. However we are looking for labels who are interested in our music. Our quest is just the beginning. EPHEMERAL will not be banished by the wind and always ready to strike and keep on brutalizing the scene...

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