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Enthroned Falls Bio

Enthroned Falls
Band members
Feroz - Vocals/Guitar Zainie - Vocals/ Bass Marn - Lead Guitar Aryon - Drums


ENTHRONE FALLS officially formed in 1998 by 4 of melo-deathhead, Feroz (Vox, guitar), Zainie (Vox, bass), Marn(Lead guitar) and Aryon (drum). The band wasted little time in creating a unique style of music blending the ferocity of modern death metal with the Asian tones of melodic kind of sound influences. Imagine the BLASTING mixture of this listed acts such as ROTTING CHRIST, HAMMER FALL, INFLAMES and CHILDREN OF BODOM sound been gather along with Asian style melo-tight solo of guitar and the result, a good product of melodic death metal sounding.

First output to the community was a self-tittles EP and been released by a local independent record company MISERY RECORDS somewhere in the years of 2000 which is consist 5 song of good starter of melodic kind of death metal sounding. In the years of 2001, ENTHRONE Falls's newest work was recorded for a local compilator of KOPI SCHEWEN Episode 2 and the result 2 new track was out and it more focusing to depressive kinda of mood and more slower than previous EP. Both recording was recorded and mixed at TRINITY Studio, Ipoh.

On 2002, ENTHRONE FALLS officially picked up by BLOD'CRIMINALS PROMOTION which is based at Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya to handle their promotion and the EP once again been spread out for outsider and have received a quite respectable amount of very good reviews for the self-tittles EP. In the same years, the band has produced a home-made LIVE SHOW VCD which is been recorded during their last show.

The band played a number of show within Malaysia, and quickly gained the exposure needed to climb to the top in their local scene, drawing more and more rabid fans with each show and still looking for any possible dates.

* INDEPENDENT DAY, SEMENANJUNG SHOWCASE (Ipoh) August 2000 with Sardotical Scoundrel, Catacomb, Bunuh and others act.
* BREAKING GROUND, INDEPENDENT U/G SHOWCASE (P.J) January 2001 with Sardotical Scoundrel, Enslaved Chaos, Pyron and other acts.
* MOSH FEST 3 (Ipoh) March 2001 with Mass Firia, Prana and others act.
* IPOH LOUDBLAST ANTHEMS METALFEST 2 (Ipoh) May 2001 with Necrotic Chaos, Eibon, Tandus, Herriot, Bilharzia and others act.
* KOPI SCHEWEN AND BREAKING GROUND TOUR (Alor Star) June 2001 with Uphold, Muck and others act.
* MORBID FEST part 2 (Kuala Lumpur) June 2002 the band cannot make it due to some personal reason.
* EXPLOIT THE SILENT (Johor Bharu) August 2002 with Hellimunan, Narsamum, Rasputin and others act.
* METAL AGE, MINI GIG (Ipoh) September 2002 with Pyron, Violator, Bilharzia and Catapuru.

Currently till this date, ENTHRONE FALLS in massive progressing writing a new material, hopefully for their second effort and waiting a good time to record the material and also the band are looking for any interested record company for a deal. Expect for a REAL Blasting death metal for nearest output. Both merchandise can be obtain from the band itself.


2000 - Self-titled EP (Misery Records)
2001 - KOPI SCHEWEN Episode 2 Comp. Cassette
2002 - "Fear the melodies..." Live VCD

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