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Servorum Bio

Band members
Vocals: Shikarath Guitar: Nekro Sherlakk Drums: Vhalthar


SERVORUM hails from Bacolod Negrense Province, kreated in the burning nights of Enero 1998 by the two Luciferian Gladiators named Vhalthar (drums) and Shikarath (bass & voks), the two of them are the original members of SERVORUM! And at mid summer 1998, they enkouraged Nekro Sherlakk to join the group. Hopefully this idiotic nitwit Nekro Sherlakk agreed to be involved in this Kult Killer Blackmetal band and took kare of guitars. But because of some krisis that the band are facing especially financial problems... the band didnt manage to rekord their kompositions (songs) and because there's a problem on the neophyte (Nekro Sherlakk). Nekro Sherlakk is from another band called Amorgatory which used to play Deathmetal, one more thing! Nekro Sherlakk likes the style of using keyboards while V. & S. is a 666% anti keyboard, so it took a lot of time for him to ride the rampaging attakk of the tornado style of Vhalthar & Shikarath. But ofkourse the two members did'nt give up...for many months they've struggled to influence Nekro Sherlakk up to the point that the kolor of their spirits bacame one. And because of the black force the binds them, in the early 1999 their bombings and assualts has began... as a result! two chapels have been blown in the silent atmospheres of bacolod! well ofkourse Abu Sayyaf we're one of their influences... hihihi! This days they've sukceeded kovering trakks from MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, GORGOROTH, DARK FUNERAL, IMPALED NAZARENEN & IMMORTAL etc... (...daw amo amo man ah). At this moment of time they have finally finished two trakks for their first demo. Just as the band wanted, the first two songs are very brutally kreated, full of Hatred, Kaos and ofkourse Khrist Kross Krushing and Satanik form. Karrying their Hellish influences such as BATHORY, OLD MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, DARK FUNERAL, BEHERIT, BESTIAL WARLUST, BLASPHEMY, IMPALED NAZARENE & ofkourse KRATORNAS... do u have a problem with that? well fukk off! Pure Satanik Blessings to all of you... Support Underground, Fukk the trends!

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