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Nosferatu Bio

Band members
Nunth - Bass/ Vocals Danyel - Guitar Uppyrluz - Guitar Neoroth - Drum


NosferiaL (formerly known as Sandraguna) was formed in the late 1997 and consisted of Nunth (Vox), Danyel ( Drum), Uppyrluz (Guitar) and Ilorsa (Bass). The band were inspired by infamous godfathers like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Sodom, Deicide, Krisiun, Slayer, Marduk & Enthroned.

Behind the glorious success of Nosferial today, the band has confronted many difficulties and bitterness due to the financial problems and other unavoidable commitments. In 1999, Ilorsa left the group due to work commitment and later on Piorlakh and Amir replaced him. Again, the band faced some problems in making the demo.

After years of darkness, their dream finally comes true. Year 2002 answers all their confusion. Blessed from the Ones, it is the year in which their first demo entitles "Berserk Prism Spell" was released. Berserk Prism Spell contains 4 raw Black Death Metal songs, which combines some elements of trashing kind of riffing.

The current NosferieL members consist of:

Nunth (Bass & Vox),
Danyel (Guitar),
Uppyrluz (Guitar)
Neoroth (Drum

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