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Loss of Control
Band members
Allan - Vox Gani - Bass Gil - Drums Sam - Guitar


BRIEF HISTORY loss of control is a grindcore band from the philippines which consists of members from quezon city, san juan and paranaque. The band was founded by three high school friends back in 1995, but only with the addition of guitarist sam kiyoumarsi in 1999 did the band had a serious toll in making extreme music. The band has released a demo cd "when death takes it toll" (2003), and a feature dvd "loathe" (2003) which contains three years worth of footages ; including two music videos and 8 live performances accompanied by a documentary, a chronological history of the band and various live cuts in many of loc's gigs. loss of control's current line-up is gani (bass), gil (drums), allan (vocals) and sam (guitars). LOC has performed in many bars, clubs and festivals across the metropolis with widespread and underground musical promotions like disnormal night, the annual punk festival Brave new world, recycled bean's life after punk, spitfire productions' metal meltdown, Userkneed, Sickfest, Pulp summerslam and killah john's bakalize night. The band has it's very own production entitled "EVERYONE SHOULD BE KILLED". A monthly celebration featuring the scene's extreme music talents both old and upcoming, all of which are raw and true to the live extreme musical performance. ESBK has showcased bands like olongapo's essential pride powertools, Manila's grindcore pioneers As Angels Fall, Mortal fear, thrash kings End Of Man, and premiere grind-punk heroes Condemned. ESBK2 showcased newcomers death metal surgery Split Wide Open (featuring members of SIN) , crust-punk delinquents Human Combustion, Grindcore extremists Religious nightmare (featuring members from LOC and Decadencia), and punk veterans Moyg. watch out for ESBK3 soon on december!

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