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End of Man Bio

End of Man
Band members
Joey de Guzman - Vocals Yam dela Torre - Guitar Flo Fernandez - drums Francis Alcantara - bass JC Paterno - guitars


In October 2002, former members of Mass Carnage ( Yam dela Torre, JC Paterno and John Carpio ) and Seven Stitches ( Aries Victorino ) decided to start making Heavy music again. But they lacked one thing, a Thrash vocalist. They sought out Joey De Guzman of Discant X. End of Man was completed when he agreed to join the newly formed group. Immediately they started writing material.

First few gigs saw End of Man playing Discant X, Mass Carnage, Death Angel, Anthrax, Discharge, SOD and Slayer. Soon original songs like Discord, The Scourge, Devoted Mistake, and Servitude came to life. The music was captured as they started the recording process in December 2003. End of Man's self-titled EP was released in March 2004.

October 2004 saw End of Man's rhythm section, John Carpio and Aries Victorino facing new priorities in life and had to part ways with the group. Now faced with a huge and difficult task of finding new members, End of Man started the search. First to join was Flo Fernandez of Powertools. A few gigs were played with the help of close friends, Joseph Conde and Hendrick Gonzales helping out in Bass duties.

December 2004. End of Man is once again complete with the joining of Loads of Motherhood and Tame the Tikbalang alumni, Francis Alcantara.

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