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Nokturnal Rust Bio

Nokturnal Rust
Band members
Black Tearz: Guitars Paradoxal Tranquility (Bilal Javaid) -Rhythm Guitar Slazen (Estes Saville) - Bass Coffin Feeder (Kamran Ahmed) - Drums Lord Thor (Hadi Naeem) - vocals


Nokturnal Rust is a doomish dark metal act. The legend begins with the
foretold gathering of three souls called Lord_Thor, black Tearz and
Paradoxal Tranquility. Driven by the lust of a melody which expresses their
thoughts, the pain of the elders, the history of the misanthropia and the
darkness that resides inside their own mind. Dwelling for quite a time as
the century turned to give birth to a new reign. Nokturnal Rust was born in
the eastern part of the darkened Asian region. As the frozen moon rose into
the dark realms, Wrath (Aman) and Coffin Feeder came as saviors and joined
the force to move further into the unexplained melody of thoughts. Nokturnal
Rust appeared on the gates of reality for the humans in December 2002 with
the original line up. Wrath (Aman) worked with the band for quite a while
and provided amazing support for the band to be a dark and powerful act.
Nokturnal Rust reached the heights of the Underworld when the hidden graves
opened and granted the existence of Slazen who took them on a voyage of a
brutal and melancholic dimension. The existing Rust of Nokturna now traps
Lord_Thor, black Tearz, Paradoxal Tranquility, Slazen and Coffin Feeder. As
the gore blood figure appears in the darkened skies beneath the black
mountains these lost souls are frozen inside the misanthropic realms of
forbidden truth, pain, and sorrow. As the elder reign lavishly watch the
holocaust, these self-less creatures walk beyond and stand against all odds
to Compile "Fades to Eternity". The first single from their demo "Scriptures
of the frozen night".


Lord Thor: (Hadi Naeem) Screams, Voices and the Scriptures.
Black Tearz: the mastermind behind the guitar tech of Nokturnal Rust.
He exists as the lead guitar player in the realm.
Slazen: (Estes Saville) acts as the bass player in the hidden chambers where the rust resides.
Paradoxal Tranquility: (Bilal Javaid) lives as the rhythm guitarist of the band.
Coffin Feeder: (Kamran Ahmed) is the drummer,
sound engineer and also leads the production parts of the band.

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