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Messiah Bio

Band members
Gibran Nasir - Vocals Daniel Panjwaneey - Bass Fasahat Salim - Drums Nabeel Mahfooz - Lead Guitars Mazhar Shah - Lead Guitars


Formed in April 2000, Mazhar Shah(Lead Guitars), Ahmed Hashim(ex-Drummer) and Fasahat Salim(Drummer) met by coincidence in a music store. Numbers were exchanged and songs discussed for the very first Messiah jam...the rest as they say is, History. The line-up soon changed to include some of Karachi's most killer metalleers Nabeel Mahfooz(Lead Guitars), Daniel Panjwaaney(Bass) and Gibran Nasir(Vocals). The lineup being complete, MessiaH has recorded and produced it's debut album "Scriptures Of Sorrow". Songs from this album deal with the harsh reality of today's world. The lyrics are deep yet blunt.

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