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Jangli Jaggas Bio

Jangli Jaggas
Band members
Nasir Tajuddin-guitar/drums/keyboards/vocals Rickard Slotte-guitar/drums/keyboards/bass


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Jangli Jaggas music is basically a blend of gothic metal, heavy metal and fantasy metal.

Why this name?
It was supposed to be a fun project, so we came up with a crazy name thinking no one would ever care about our music.

Do you play live?
we haven't played live.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
the internet is an excellent medium for artists to promote their music. it saves cost and has excellent penetration. i've been exposed to several kick-ass bands (bought their albums and DVDs as well), all thanx to the internet.

Would you still sign a record contract with a major label?
can't really say. we would rather compose for a castlevania style video game.

Band History:
it all started out with one crappy computer with only a PC speaker and we kinda worked our way upto an 8-bit sound card, then a 16-bit one, and then to really powerful stuff.
Jangli Jaggas went on to win several metal compos and awards from websites. it has been a great project so far.

Your influences?
We're into orchestration, like using pianos and organs and we mix all that lovely melody with lotsa guitars and heavy bass. the best part has to be our drumming. that has made us really popular cuz our music is never linear, we give tons of variation to each song and they all blend in perfectly.

Favorite spot?
the beach. its great! cathedrals work well for inspiration.

Anything else...?
all of my music is dedicated to Maria, my fiancé. her support and love gave me the strength to write more music at the time when i had completely given up on it.
without her, my music and my life would have no meaning.

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