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H-blockx Bio

Band members
Henning - Vocals
Dave - Vocals
Tim - Guitars
Gudze - Bassguitar


It all started in M?nster, Germany....

Tim Tenambergen, Stefan Hinz (Gudze) and Johann-Cristoph Maass (Mason) team up with Henning Wehland and the band is born at a schoolparty.

They take the name H-Blockx (the name "H-Blockx" is really the name of high-securityprisonblocks in Ireland, "h-blocks".)and performe at a festival for schoolbands. Several performances follow and they recieve their first gage and a liverecording.

They decide to add vocalist/rapper David Gappa. They perform more often
eventhough the interest for the crossover-platform is rather small.
In august they meet George Gluck, owner of Sing Sing Records in Berlin

In March they sign up for Sing Sing Records. Afer a long time they release the single "Rising High"
which evolves into an Indie-hit. Motivated by this sucsess H-Blockx wants to make an full-lenght album.

The album "Time To Move" is finished and they make the video for "Move"
On the 22:nd of august the album is released and "Move" is added to the playlist
on MTV and the german music channel VIVA. On the 27:th Time To Move enters the
german charts where it still remains more than one year later. In november the single "Move" is
released and the band recieves the MTV-award "Local Hero Germany" In december "Move"
enters the german charts.

In February "Time To Move" enters the Austrian and Swiss charts. "Risin´ High" is re-released.
With their growing popularity they play for a bigger and bigger audience and in the summer they
performe on all the big festivals including MTV´s "Rock Am Ring" with 70 000 people in the audience.
In july "Time To Move" has sold more than 250 000 copies in Germany giving it goldstatus. Worldwide Time To Move has sold 400 000 copies.
In august the third single "Go Freaky" is released.
"Little Girl" is released in october and H-Blockx starts another tour.

Time To Move has now sold 400 000 copies worldwide!
H-Blockx enters the studio and starts the production of a new album. They are also seen on the Helter Skelter tour in Germany along with many other well known bands. In August the new single "How Do You Feel?" is released. On the 30th September the album "Discover My Soul is released. It enters the german chart at position 7. H-Blockx imidiatly go on tour. (They came to our hometown Göteborg, but you had to be 20 to enter)
Later in 1996 the single "Step Back" is released.

The "Gimme More" single was released.
In January Mason leaves the band, and is replaced by Marco Minneman from Freakin' Fucking Wierdos. H-Blockx again perform on a bunch of summer festivals.After touring all summer H-Blockx take a well deserved break and will soon go back to the studio to start working on the next album.

After months of silence the guys return with a new single on the 11th of May, called "Fly" and a new album,"Fly Eyes" on the 25th of May. Fans could get a taste of what to come on the sampler-cd called "Crossing all over", released April 27th, featuring the new H-Blockx song "One Day". The band go on tour on the 21st of May. Later on 'Take Me Home' is also released as a single. The band continue touring through out Europe partly as one of the acts of the Van's Warped Tour. Some scandinavian concerts are unfortunantly cancelled. H-Blockx continue touring throughout the autumn/winter.

The band record 7 new songs for the soundtrack to German movie "Bang Boom Bang".
Henning moderates a show on VIVA 2 known as Zone 2 which features new and unknown bands.
In february drummer Marco is asked to leave the band.
During the summer the band takes part in the US leg of the Van's Warped Tour, borrowing drummer Steffen Wilmking from Thumb. In August the soundtrack to Bang Boom Bang is released as well as the single Time Of My Life.
September 14th sees the first ever release of an H-Blockx album in the US. Of course it's the band's best album to date, "Fly Eyes".

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