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Band members
Hammad Khan - Vocals & Lyrics Saquib Malik - Guitars, Bass & Drum Programming (Sifr) Talal Ahmed (Live drums) Hassan Mir - bass


Corpsepyre was formed in late 2002 by Saquib Malik[guitars], Hammad Khan [Vocals] and drummer Talal[Ahmed]. Corpsepyre was founded on the plan to make the most brutal and ugly death metal ever conceived upon the face of the planet. Corpsepyre was created in Lahore, a place where talk of metal, let alone extreme metal, was not very big, and where the scene is pretty small and pathetic seeing as to the saturation of our airwaves with mindless drivelling fucking bullshit.The influences of the band were originally of old school death metal bands like Death, obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid angel, Deicide, extreme noise terror, Nasum, Napalam Death, Carcass, and Grave. Recently, however, their progression has been towards a more contemporary death metal sound with a more technical edge and a more open approach towards brutality, dissonance and songwriting.

Anyways the band started to jam , Saquib and Talal messing around with covers of cryptopsy, deicide and cannibal corpse, with the majority of their jamming being of originals. The work on a recording began in June 2003, and in only 3 days the demo the living we mourn was created at grindwork studios and produced by Saquib.The production and overall sound of this demo is very, very raw , edgy and has an ugly, ugly sound that rapes the ears and pounds the head. The demo was spread around and earned the band a decent amount of recognition, and some decent reviews...the band also earned a spot on the upcoming Pakistani Extreme metal compilation, RISE OF THE EASTERN BLOOD by Duskhorde Productions, alongside the best Pakistani extreme metal bands around.

The band kept jamming, and as gigs came and every fucking oppertunity came and fell through to play live, their hopes fell but they kept the band and jamming going.In September 2003 the band recorded a revised version of acid burn from the original demo for the upcoming compilation...

Since then, Corpsepyre has only done one formal studio recording, which is for their first as yet untitled album . The song is a declaration of Hatred and is available on the site. A declaration of hatred basically nails the sound of Corpsepyre.It is loud, fast, brutal, and ugly. The song shows an insane amount of progression from the demo days and pretty much establishes the bands' sound and shows its potential.

Corpsepyre's first live gig FINALLY came on 17th december 2003 at alhamra hall 1 , in Lahore.Suleiman Akber, from BURZUKH , filled the spot of the bass player after jamming with the band for some time...The band pretty much owned the stage, got a violent pit moving and produced a sound which is pretty rare for a band so young. The set list was- A declaration of hatred, ...her womb bleeds..., acid burn, and mandatory suicide[decap.version6.66]a cover of slayer.

The band is working on a full length album at the moment which is not as yet named.

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